Home – a poem

Meditation walk in the morning sun

letting my mind wander until there are no more thoughts.

geese call wild in the key of D

trying to tell me that it is

ON SURRENDERall about being free.

since not a soul is stirring I sit with the river

at the base of the mountain

and wait for the rocks to tumble all over me.

But nothing moves,

only the steady whir and burr

Of old worn thoughts that I release.

Stretching legs and arms I flow

feeling the ground steady and sure now

beneath the feet thatnot-so-long-ago

could not fly.

The river says

there is no one waiting to tell me

what they think

Or what I think

no one to correct me

Direct me

Protect me.

Cause that gets really old.

“this is all in my imagination”

the river whispers loud enough

So that I can hear.

And frankly speaking I have to believe the river

because he is so old

and has been recycling himself

over and in and through all time

returning always to this place

just waiting for me to come and

Ask the right questions.

The mountain stands behind the river

arms folded across her breast

Appearing calm and pensive as she considers river’s advice

(about the truth of course)

She sends the geese popping out over the ring of trees

that is her crown.

Geese emissaries acting as her voice

which would otherwise be silent

(except for when she really has something to say:

please see: Avalanche)

and frankly speaking

I have to believe the mountain

for she has been waiting for me

through all time

to return to this place

where the geese sing

to remind me that we have always been here


And by the river I awaken and see that

I have never left home.



















Food or Love? Defintely LOVE.

molly home againWhat is most important to your animal companions?  Food or Love? IMG_20151027_105030901

This morning when the trailer pulled up 40 minutes early I was curious – because the horses didn’t react, which is strange since they were all obsessed with Molly just three months ago – but something didn’t feel right. sure enough, i look in the trailer and the man had brought me a (very dirty) Summer, Molly’s baby, sweating and in a panic on the trailer without Molly.

“Wrong horse”, i said to him. “This is the baby”

“No it isn’t” he starts to argue with me.

“This is the mother,”  he says in french, giving me that “old farmer”  I know what I’m talking about young lady… look.

“I know my horses, this one is four years old. It concerns me that you haven’t spent enough time with them to know the difference between one that is 14 and one that is 4 – wouldn’t you say?”

His face got a little red.

“You can see the Mare is very well fed”, he said starting to become indignant.

“Yes well – food isn’t everything apparently is it?”  He hadn’t even used her name.

Where was the love?

I looked at Summer, disheveled, dirty, her mane long past her shoulders completely tangled, her belly protruding rudely from her sides like she had been to too many all-you-can-eats.

He wants me to sign a paper saying I was giving him Summer, and agreed to go back to pick up Molly. He won’t pay for either of them – “they are worthless” he says to me.

“YOU are worthless”, I say in a low voice looking at him evenly.

We don’t say anything else for a second. I think he knew better.

By now I am hysterical inside struggling with sending Summer back to a place that could reverse all the hard work we put into making her gentle. IMG_20151027_105033973

You can’t save them all Jo. My mind says. yeah yeah – I know ,…

I have re-homed 28 horses on my own. Yeah – I know.

“She will be fine with him – he’s going to start her training this Winter – she will be happy-  you’ll see,” I hear my husband john behind me. “Focus on Molly – give them time to grow apart”.

He was right – but this was really really difficult.

You know how new situations can trigger old memories…?IMG_20151027_105055194-EFFECTS

I realized my panic of having a horse taken from me. These are my family please remember – not my possessions.  But I looked again (with “real eyes” and not he eyes of memories of that nasty woman who stole my horse- which is another story altogether) and saw she was just having the experience, and frankly, there is a point in every baby’s life where they have to have a separate life from their mother!

This was going to be ok. Molly and I would be adult mom’s together.

Summer would go on to be trained in her most optimal skills, perfect for her, she loves doing anything with people.

My husband went back with the man to get Molly and make sure everything was OK.  I brought my granddaughter to day care and returned in time to greet the trailer. Master, my 26 year old retired show horse who is deeply in love with Molly, turned into a five year old stud – strutting his stuff, even doing beautiful fancy natural “dressage” on his own, like a bird showing off for his mate. His front legs snapping out in two tempes, his back straight and strong – it was beautiful to see. They wrapped around each other like ying and yang, and i could feel the warm joy emanating from the circle of reuniting so I squished myself right there in the middle, and we were all OK, all together again.

Welcome home Molly 😉

smiling Molly and happy Master

You’re on a diet as of today – but there will be NO lack of love.