The F*ck

(Warning: Adult content. Writing poetry is cheaper than therapy. Thanks for listening ;))


We live in a world where we can say whatever

The F*ck

We want to say whenever

The F*ck

We want to.





These are MY words.

Yo* can take them,

Or leave them.

Sit on them,

Or fl*sh them.

Yo* choose,

To place meaning,

On what I say.

This is yo*r b*siness.

Yo* choose to follow

The winds of liars,

digging us f*rther into the r*t,

of our thin skinned morality.


I will live in world where,

My children are free to be whatever,

The F*ck

They choose.

If you wo*ld like to give me your *nreq*ited opinion

(That means I don’t care what yo* think)

Then we can converse in h*shed intimate tones,

Like lovers who hate one another,

awash with masks and inn*endo,

On the s*perlative cost of Freedom.

We can tell the stories

Long into o*r darkest night

Of times past,

Hard gripped baskets

Flowing with rotten *gly things.


I live in a world where I can be,

The best version of whatever

The F*ck

I am today.

It is not p*nishable by death

Or h*miliation

By men

for me to *se these

or any



I do not wish to live in a world,

Where we kill one another

For words.

This is not my world.

If this were so,

Then Shakespeare’s heart would have only been pierced by thorns,

His eyes wo*ld have never gazed *pon the rose,

And there wo*ld be no love stories to tell,

At all.








Love doesn’t always mean

Being sticky sweet  nice.

Love isn’t,

letting the world use you as a doormat.

Love doesn’t mean

that everyone will like you.

In fact…

Sometimes the greatest acts of love

Cut to the deepest places

This is the special love

that changes you forever.

And that is O.K.

Love isn’t ice cream on a cone,

or sweet flowers in a vase.

Sometimes love is a harsh goodbye,

When hellos are holding you back

Love is an ear,

When the mouth wants to move.

Love is seeing you,

without needing myself in the picture.

Love is not a complicated thing,

It’s all in the heart,

Opening wide –

Creating a new bright star.

Love is expansion

Not contraction.

Holding within its own self

The natural possibility of All.

Simply put;

Love is what you are.




What would my father say

If he were alive today?

After a lifetime of what he called

“Fighting for our freedom”,

would he look at now

and feel he had succeeded?

Could he walk proudly with head held high

And not see that even he

had helped to destroy the sky?

Would he walk with grounded feet

And not feel his own moral retreat?

What would our fathers say

if they could all gather here today

Is this a good world we are making?

Or should we be ashamed,

at our near perfecting of,

“How to Hate”.

What do you say

being alive today?

Tell me but

Don’t bother to speak with words of relief.

Acting them,

Is the only way to bring true Peace.


Never Born

Image result for mother earth

The world I have awakened to

is not the same one that cradled me in sleep

under bright stars – with promises to keep.

The morning world reminds me

I remain.

How can I grow old –

If I was never born?

I cannot die.

I have nothing to remember

or forget.

On this tiny blue ball,Related image

as we fly together,

safely nestled within her belly,

through our versions of eternity.

Sparks and sparkles of life,

flicker on and off,

Dancing upon her surfaces,

we don’t even know what our feet are.

Isn’t it amazing that we can dance?

There was no arriving at this place.Image result for mother earth

You have always been!

The cardinal outside my window sang

this spring morning.

It said You are “Appearing to be only what you are not”,

what comes and goes has no being,

and what is real,

does not change.

The real does not die.

The unreal never lived.Image result for mother earth

You are complete,

here and now.

you need absolutely nothing,

You were never born.




Bullshit Honey…

This liberal pink-clad,

bullshit artist,

is pissing me off,

In the middle of the night.

Angry rhetoric,

takes heedless flight,

Sticky sweet honey words,

Not good for your teeth,

attracts flies and wasps,

in the same way they like to nest,

In other kinds of organic things.

Maybe the intention was good,

You can’t really tell

With the heart felt lies

Those lips can spell.

This isn’t the time

to hide behind the spirit that calls

using words and concepts to bamboozle us all.

Eyes that say one thing

while the mouth spells out thoughts

Seems you have lied so long

you are completely lost.

The woman in pink

Grapples for truth

Leaving claw-marks in it all.










Silent night, darkest night

All is not calm,

nor is it bright.

Heartbroken young children,

escaping the war,

When nobody wants them,

They cannot go far.

The world needs lasting peace.

The world needs lasting peace.

Silent night,

Darkest night,

winter has come,

to bring the light.

Horrors stream,

from all the news stations,

giving us pause

For some serious reflection.

This world needs lasting peace.

This world needs lasting peace.

Silent night, darkest night

Leaders are profiting

From ignorant masses.

Hopeless people ,

Line up at the store.

Hoping they can have,

just a little but more.

The world needs lasting Peace.

The world needs lasting Peace.

Holy night, darkest night

All is not calm,

nor is it bright.

Sleep now under,

The bright shining stars

When you wake

Just be who you are

This world needs lasting peace.

This world needs lasting peace.

Hardest night,

Coldest night,

All may be calm,

But it certainly isn’t bright.

Hope creeps into,

The awakening heart,

Bring us together,

Before we fall apart.

This world needs lasting peace

This world needs lasting peace.


Standing still

Is not inert

Or insubstantive

Instead it is


A fleeting moment of summation

Bringing you to the brink of

Cathartic complication

And an endless resolution.

Standing still,

Means breathing inwardly,

And realizing that,

There is just as much value,

In the silent pause

Between questions and answers,

as the validation that awaits you.

As there is in your,

Grandest maneuver,

Towards the completion,

Or destination,

Of anything

the next motion.

Standing still;

Is holding the Sacred Space

Even when the clear lines are drawn,

And our greatest desires are called upon

To shake and shatter,

Indecision about

The things that really matter.

When the old voices

Creep in from their deep repose

And wake you in your desert walk.

Then, do not answer their call.

Remember to recognize the misshapen thoughts

The ones that lead you away from your self.

As Soul says-

“You arrived with all that you need!”

Standing still –

Is how you know

That this is a fact.

You are only here to learn

How to be free.


And you walk into the canyon

That has waited for so long

at your feet

and find the light

deep within.


Where I Am

This is where I AM

As well as knowing

All stories within you

About you

For you.

Based on self made

Bullshit mind rules.

Historical assignations –

That are not yours .

On designated parts

Add delusion to the fuel.

Brain farts they claim no one can smell.

Blame the dog

Or the fog

Or someone else…

Only heaven can tell

What they think you should be

According to no liberties

Restriction by the one, two, three,

What do you want from me?

This Is where I AM.

Your rules

Should I put a,

Comma over              here______________?

I attended the best schools.

But don’t let me think

I may end up in the drink.

Like you.

Suffering from a serious

Deficiency of consciousness

Knowing ideas do not reflect

But simply object

To reality.

They Claim they know what is best

What are other’s needs

Who you should be


Fuck you.

I choose to be free.

But will you still console me?


Highly unlikely.

You never could handle me.

That wasn’t why I came to be.

Here to make you question

and challenge

Everything you think

To go beyond your self

Don’t stand lightly on the brink.

SMASH it down.


Scars shaped like a square round peg holes

All your nasty secrets are going to slowly unfold

And you’ll find that you and the dog

Had allot more in common

Than you thought before.

Hot air is a-parent

And THIS is where I AM

If you need me somewhere else

Then or now

Too fucking bad.

THIS is where I AM.

According to the circumstances

Did you fall into their dances

Does your soul ever take chances

And decide as you see

Rose coloured glasses

For you or for me.

Love would have been a better option.

Don’t you think?

Contempt and resentment is slow suicide.

But it’s your life.

Silence is your finest weapon

And when properly used

Can be grandly abused

When wielded only

Upon yourself.


RE-POSE (A Poem)



Out of the fog,

twirling around;

What happened to the ballroom?

Where are the people

who danced in flowing gowns

With the soft white gloves

that rode up their arms?

Vines overshadow marble walls

while frogs flop unceremoniously,

Into old green fountains,

Perched on the heads of rigoured dancing ladies

Stuck in the same uncomfortable looking grace

Since before they were made.

Perched pitchers long gone dry,

With nothing left to give.

Shards of sunlight

dance on the crown of my head

As though the sky is made of water.

This must be the difference between alive

and dead.

Outside, crickets sing an evening song,

I gather my senses to find others

who have since gone far and long,

right or wrong.

Alive now in the places

Where silver streaks the sky

and children are instructed

not to cry.

Even as the ground beneath my feet

shifts to become

something else in this new season.

I find my comfort within the confines

of my own skin,

rolling in oily memories

sick with tears

Sludging feet in slick wet mud

naked to everything but God,

Always reaching

for the perfect pose,

Never achieving

But the heart must not close.