Manipura = “Resplendant gem”

Colour : Yellow

Scent : Ylang Ylang, Rose

Gemstones : Yellow gemstones for this Chakra are Amber, Citrine, Yellow Calcite, Fluorite, Golden Beryl, Golden Yellow Topaz, Cat’s Eye, Yellow Celestite, Yellow Jade, Golden Tiger Eye, Lemon Chrysoprase, Yellow Danburite, Iron Pyrite, Yellow Garnet, Yellow Jasper, Yellow Kunzite, Yellow Muscovite, Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Tourmaline and Yellow Rhodonite 



At this retreat we will be discussing the Third Chakra or Manipura which is Sanskrit meaning “resplendent gem”.  It is our center of human personal power and the last of the earth bound Chakras.

The horses will work with us to demonstrate how expressions of personal power can be interpreted by and through the subtler bodies of energy which we refer to as chakras. Horses are the first to sense in which way you carry your belief about your personal power. They read everything about you, in one brilliant instinctive shot.

Based on their experience with humans and their experiences with the kind of energy you bring with you, horses will size you up in one second flat. As prey animals this is their primary survival mechanism – evaluating quickly and efficiently who is friend or foe.  And like all prey animals who rely on quick flight instinct to survive, horses seem sometimes a little paranoid but it is the quickest and the most instinctive of course, that will survive.  So another lesson we learn from horses is to be very conscious of our intentions and body language when we enter into any communication, be it with a horse or human. From within, your sense of power is exuded by the way you present yourself both physically an energetically to the horse and sub-consciously to humans. Horses are more immediately aware of you because they are present in this moment, not caught up in past or future thinking.  Because horses already speak an ancient and subtle language with every part of their bodies, they integrate this understand of body, intention an energy into their evaluation.

This doesn’t necessarily mean a horse will automatically be nervous with you if you are nervous with it. Horses give you indications WAY before they act in an aggressive manner, and even this they only do when they feel cornered or unable to flee if necessary. I call it Standard Equine Claustrophobia.


I often see people when entering the round pen who are not accustomed to being around horses with their shoulders slumped forward, like a subconscious wish to protect their center from what can be a daunting experience given the sheer size and for most people, their behavior which can seem very alien at first.  However, what the horse is most adept at sensing is the intention you bring with you into your interaction.

Many people ask me if horses will react aggressively if they bring fear with them. Horses are not predators – they are prey. Therefore, if you bring fear, they sense it as a type of insecurity, and they may find they want to move away from you, unsure whether you are the source of the insecurity or not. It is not the normal behaviour of a horse to lash out to protect itself, except in very rare and specific instances, such as stallion territorial behaviour.

Ears pinned flat on the head are a good indication that your horse is insecure and doesn’t want you close. Never try to give a horse affection when it is in this state.  In order to show your horse SECURITY you have to demonstrate leadership to him, and that sometimes means being aware of fear, but not allowing it to make choices for you!

In terms of horse behaviour, one with an unbalanced third chakra is constantly displaying insecurity. It is hyper reactive and overly aware of its environment. It fears that it is powerless; and so is constantly seeking to avoid or evade something. This would be a very difficult horse to ride or train.  A good horse for riding is one that has a balanced sense of its partnership with humans.  Horses that are well-balanced in the third chakra carry themselves well and are not in constant need of aids from the rider, as they tend to be more in the flow of the interaction between the two, and are less absorbed by paranoid vigilant watch which comes from a fearful sense of powerless over the environment.

Humans are the same way, and horses are a very effective way of, excuse the irony – putting the cart before the horse. Sometimes, we can become more conscious of our behaviour before actually changing our mind about how we feel about something. In other words, we can ACT AS IF we have personal power, to help us discover where our true power lies.

In working on our third chakra, horses encourage us to have to EXUDE this outwardly before we may completely feel it inwardly.

horse_training_bottomROUND PEN EXERCISE:

In this exercise, we enter the round pen with a horse, mindful of the sensations in our bodies.  Identifying any tension, we release it to our breath, before our interaction.  Then, we release the loving energy in the center of our being, to the horse.  At this moment, we are not allowing our fears or insecurities to make a choice for us. This is very powerful and empowering all at once.  We ask our body to exude a balanced sense of personal power, perhaps sometimes before we actually feel that authentically within ourselves.

In this way, we create a new experience for our brains.  A new neural pathway, where we have taken over possession of our conscious intention and maintained a different reaction to a fear response.  This is a very healthy thing for everyone to do.

You can take this new way of understanding an old feeling out with you into your non-retreat world in so many ways!

Your boss calls you into her office, and you feel a terrible foreboding.  Maybe she didn’t like that last report? Maybe you are the next in the lineup of layoffs?  Who knows?  But often we are quick to assume a negative outcome at such times.

Yu can use your retreat experience to change the way you perceive stress and anxiety in your life.  Instead of being anxious or worried,  you can find where the feeling of anxiety exists in your body – in your solar plexus third chakra. Place your dominant hand on your  this place and breathe in through that space, remembering to place your body in the same confident way that you had it with the horse you first met.  Your shoulders proud and back. Your head high. And smile. It releases happy endorphins in your brain. Recalling your experience will help to trigger the same positive response feeling as when you were here at the retreat in connection to the horses. Every one of our experiences is recorded in our bodies. It is up to us to access that and use it to help us negotiate the waters of our lives more effectively and joyfully.chakra-3

The flow and health of the third chakra can directly impact your ability to put good ideas and plans into action.  If this Chakra is healthy and spinning freely, you are making creative decisions and feel as though your choices move you forward.  You take good care of yourself in body mind and spirit.  You are enthusiastic about your life and proactive about the positive choices you make on your own behalf.  You demonstrate a good balanced sense of self.

The Manipura Chakra lies in the triangular niche at the base of your rib cage – the solar plexus or zyphoid process, in fancy medical circles.

You can visualize it as a yellow spinning orb of energy, rotating often they say in a clockwise direction. The speed or fluidity of the spinning is our concern here. If it is not flowing as it should, this is when we encounter problems such as feeling powerless in our lives or relationships, powerless over our choices and circumstances. We forget that everything is a choice, when this energetic center is not spinning as it should.

There are things you can do to increase the flow and vibrancy of each chakra.

~ Wear the colour represented by the chakra – any kind of yellow will do.

~ eat foods that support the nutritional requirements needed to optimize this chakra:

Granola and Grains: pastas, breads, cereal, rice’s, flax-seed, sunflower seeds, etc.
Dairy: milk, cheeses, yogurt
Spices: ginger, mints (peppermint, spearmint, etc.), Melissa, chamomile, turmeric, cumin, fennel

SCENTS: ~ surround yourself with scents such as Ylang Ylang and Rose

Here are some quick questions to ask yourself regarding your third chakra:


  • Are you easily      irritated – do you have an explosive temper?
  • Have you found that you have an Inability to prosper, no matter how hard you try?
  • Do you      tend to prosper at the expense of others?
  • Have you      ever made yourself feel better by putting another person down?
  • Do you have      difficulty in taking responsibility for your actions and the consequences?
  • Do you alternate      between feeling immensely powerful, only to feel like a victim the next moment?
  • Do you      lack willpower?
  • Have you ever      suffered from ulcers or diabetes (sugar imbalances)?
  • Do you ask      yourself why      am I here (in this life)?
  • Do you like yourself?
  • Are you nervous in social groups?
  • Do you think people believe      negative things about you?
  • Finish this sentence: “when I      grow up I want to….”
  • Are you self-motivated?
  • Do you achieve most of your      goals?
  • Do you      have a strong drive to live and do you feel that you have a right to      exist?
  • Are      you connected to your emotional self and do you understand that feeling      and expressing your emotions are your right?
  • Did      your family of origin make you feel capable of doing anything?
  • Does      your belief system include knowing that a higher power exists and do you      use your personal power to openly discuss your beliefs
  • Do you      always communicate your inner truths and are you open and honest with      others regardless of the situation?
  • Are      you afraid if you act confidently that others will think you are “full of      ego”?
  • Do you know what you want?
  • Have you ever suffered with      anxiety?

1-   Meditate and colour one of the Mandalas below as you focus on these questions and see what answers come to you.

2-   Answer the questions using the numbered scale. Don’t overanalyze! Your past is only a reference point for current understanding.

3-   Choose 2 or more questions that resonate as important to you – write on these in your journal. Share what you want with group.

4-   Share with (your) group. (can be done in circle or individuals groups.

It’s all about personal power – which begins with caring for yourself. How well you take care of you, is very relevant in this chakra.  Your ability to shine forth is directly impacted by how much energy and intention you have invested into developing yourself from the.

Power is defined as “the ability to influence people”. (wiki).

By maximizing the flow of energy in this central portion of your body, you release the possibility of blockage and are able to enter the higher realms of subtle understanding and wisdom brought to us by the study of chakras and the lessons of the horse.

3_mandala-coloring-page-3 flower_mandala1 heart_mandala2_cp mandala design Mandala-coloring-pages-5-child-coloring-page

Magic of life ~ Ajna

third_eyeSixth Chakra Thoughts…

Over the course of the past 6 months and through all of the stages in each of the chakras we have studied, I am discovering that there are certain common conclusions we have arrived at.   First, we have concluded that our lives are ever-changing and the more we learn about ourselves the more empowered we become to understand what we do and do not have control over in our lives.  In order to live a peaceful happy life, knowing what is and is not in our control, what we can and cannot help or hinder – is critically important to our peace of mind.  In other words, we are finding that recognizing where our “powerlessness” lays, can give us a real opportunity to use a greater power that resides within each of us. That is; our intuitive power.

  • Intuition is the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference (*Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online)




KNOW YOUR POWER! When I ask what the most important thing in their lives many women I have spoken to have answered that it is the happiness of their children.   I often reflect on this answer because, I know it is the socially acceptable answer. I was raised in a way that taught that a good mother was self-sacrificing and gave it all up for her children. However in the raising of my own cornucopia of kids – I didn’t quite see it like this.  And I loved them enough to follow my intuition as best as I could.  It became apparent that I couldn’t teach them what I wasn’t doing for myself.  I couldn’t tell them to go and do what made them happy – if I was sitting at home all day unfulfilled crying with depression.  I also discovered that obviously I couldn’t MAKE them happy as I had tried and failed repeatedly and miserably.

I could only show them the way. But how do you show someone the way to go somewhere you have never been?

This meant that I had to get MYSELF happy – make my own path and find the things in my life that brought me bliss.   This was a difficult transition for my family at first because I stopped doing some of the things I was doing which I wasn’t enjoying. They were older now and could handle this.  I decided only to do things for people for the right reasons.  Doing it because I was expected to just wasn’t working for me. I had created that expectation after all. SO, now I would uncreate it. For example,  I stopped cooking dinner unless I wanted to for the right reasons.  I began meditating every day and became centered into my “self”.  And my kids – now older, are gracious and centered simply awesome human beings – who can all cook really well.  They seem to be easily and quite naturally in touch with their own sense of intuition. Centered inside their being, they don’t have the issues my generation had of “finding” themselves. Ask any one of them – they will tell you exactly where they are.

Intuition is that aspect of our selves that can help us make decisions based on something greater than the sum total of our conscious and unconscious thinking.  Intuition is a directive from the Universe.  It is a strong guiding feeling that can lead us to a more serene and peaceful way of living and seeing our lives.



Horses live within a constant sense of their own intuition. Because animals in general live in the moment, existing not in the past r future, they are so finely tuned with their intuition that they do not have the capacity for rational thought.  Rational thought, for a horse, or any other animal, surely mean death. In this retreat will practice some free journaling and writing practices in the field with the herd, introducing awake meditative and silent observation with a focus on BE-ing like a horse…in presence.

lily and jo in arena

For a human, “rational thought” is often the greatest impediment to connecting with the Ajna.  These thought bring us doubt fear remorse guilt and a variety of other un[productive unconscious emotions.  Intuition assists us to become conscious of these feelings. Intuition becomes blocked by things like fear, jealousy, anger, resentment. That is why doing the work that we have done on the previous 5 chakras is so important.  One thing leads to another and with the release of each newly illuminated aspect of yourself, you will find your intuition open in ways you could never have imagined.

Intuition is the magic of life.  It is our co-creative potentiality. Our formal interplay with the Divine.  We were created to have this exchange, and so, Buddhist philosophy would say that each experience in your life which has caused you distress and thus to change and shift, has moved you ever closer to this place of higher connection between you and the source that intended you into being.  It is a truly awesome experience to feel that communion.

At first trying to listen to our intuition can lead to all sorts of interesting outcomes.  It can be hit and miss, because just like every other conscious skill it must be practiced and applied in a wide variety of life experience for you to begin to trust your own self and what you feel and hear within.

Maybe it come sin the form of a random meeting, a phone call, something you read, a song on the radio or just a sudden thought or idea in your head – intuition can speak to you in innumerable ways.  All you have to bring with you is the willingness to listen and the door is open.  You will see that meditation and quiet is very key to connecting with this source within yourself.

I remember when I first became aware of wanting to try to make choices with my intuition –   I rashly quit a good job because I “felt” there was something else calling me.  The phone didn’t ring. Neither did the doorbell. There were no “signs” there was nothing. Just the angry lady at the unemployment office every week. Sadly – or so I thought –  I remained unemployed for about 6 months as I watched a disastrous unforeseen econimic plunge in the job market hit Canada eventually leading me to a lower paying which I soon left actually – for an entirely better life! My intuition told me that something would happen – but what happened was not at all what I expected.  Our expectations are often a source of conflict within us.  In using our intuition we have to learn to ‘Do the footwork and let go of the results”, as my mother is fond of saying.  If you can practice this, then I guarantee you the results will be better than any you could have imagined.

Life is magic.

When things seem to be falling down all around your feet, instead of keeping your head down and staring at your shoes, you may want to try just being present and aware of your body, just take a breath and a moment to not be in your head.  Stop your thinking by focusing on your thoughts.  Just let them pass, and allow yourself to be reminded that YOU are not in charge and YOU will be guided to your next place.  You don’t need to control everything. Actually, you don’t need to control ANYTHING. Do you believe me? Are you relieved?

When times are rough – this is when you should make the greatest effort to make no effort and to just BE.  Sit still – and don’t react, don’t make decisions, don’t have conversations.  Just be.  And have faith that the Source that keeps everything spinning and turning and working in one gigantic amazing synchronous mass – can manage your hydro bill or your marital problems. You don’t need to fix it al today. Ahhh….what a relief! 🙂

Intuition will come to you as you quiet within.  In this retreat we will focus on some pituitary yoga practices which help us to focus on the Ajna chakra.  Our menu will include the colors indigo and red to keep us connected to root and source.

Intuition is the magic of life.  Enjoy your day.


Equine Nature Retreat ~ Second Chakra ~ A Focus on Self

The biggest problem that faces the planet right now and has since the beginning of time is that we don’t know who we are.  By taking the time to get to understand our most essential natures we are doing ourselves and everyone a great service.  A focus on studying chakras can help bring us closer to this understanding.

There are things we can solve with our minds, but the most important understanding must come from the heart. Whether you have a religious or spiritual belief system or not, it is important to recognize that you are a being made  energy, connected to everything that is alive.  The great mystery exists not only in the understanding of our “small self” – the human self that goes through the practical matters of daily living, but also our LARGER self – the energetic and eternal aspect of ourselves that are fully interconnected with one another.  It is possible that all of the problems that this disconnection over time have caused in history are a result of this “small self” thinking, and have now caused us to need to shift to an understanding of our “eternal” self. The part of us which is energy, flows through time because for it no time exists, has always been here – and will always be here.  Some belief systems call this consciousness. Some call it soul. I call it Self.serenity

Here at the WillowCreek Retreat we use the energy of horses and nature to help people become aware of their SELF through a focus on centers of energies which exist as a part of us, as use that knowledge to find a place in themselves which surpasses even thoughtful knowledge and can be found in the heart only. The Hindu culture calls these centers “Chakras”, which means “spinning wheel” in Sanskrit.

This article will focus on our upcoming retreat on the second-sacral chakra. It is intended for the participants of the retreat, but I want to make following the process available to anyone who is interested.



The second chakra, also known by the Sanskrit name, Svhadisthana, relates to those aspects of our energy that have to do with creation, fertility, sexuality and the joy of living.  The physical location is about two inches below your navel.  The colour relating to this center is orange and the element is water.

When this energetic area of your body is blocked, it can result in physical ailments such as bladder problems, circulatory issues, lower back pain, menstrual issues, kidney & reproductive problems.  Life issues can include difficulty working with others in a creative fashion, addiction, sexual dysfunction (hyper or hypo sexuality) in relationships, difficulty setting healthy boundaries, and a lack of flow of abundance (like money and other resources) into your life. Psychologically, a imbalanced second chakra can produce low sexual desire (frigidity), frustration, anger, fear, hypersensitivity, unreasonable feelings of guilt, and being unreasonably hard on yourself.  In your life you may find yourself surrounded by abusive or energetically imbalanced relationships, difficulty in attracting resources, feelings of unhappiness regularly upon awakening. Healthy second chakra energies bring about healthy relationships, well established boundaries and flow of money and resources into your life.  It is easy to see why a concentration on coming to terms with and healing second chakra  energy would be beneficial.

In the west we have an extreme disconnect from our energetic centers.  Eastern cultures socialize their children in  a way that emphasizes awareness and connection to each center of the body.  Through food, prayer, song and other cultural norms, those in the East have a focus on the essential nature of the physical and spiritual connection we have to each other and the world of nature.  Here in the West we are just beginning to see the very real and practical importance of this knowledge.

984297067Horses are an excellent partner to help quiet the mind and open the awareness we have in ourselves of how our body is feeling at any particular moment. Because a horse’s energy calibrates at a higher rate than humans, just being in physical proximity to them can help quiet the mind. This is primarily because they don’t have the thoughts of past and future that keep our energies tied up in illusion and non-reality. Horses can help put our feet back on and into the ground.

A practice of intimacy with any living creature, two or four footed, can quiet your mind and center you in presence.  This is the most important first step for any act of self-inquiry. Without presence, you cannot establish intimacy with yourself or anyone else, for this requires that you be centered in where you are, not in the past or future. Intimacy with another requires intimacy with your SELF first.

484718_10152675059555230_434117789_nHorses can help us to discover our “SELF”.

Intimacy has been expressed as “into me I see”.  Intimacy with another person requires that we first be intimate with ourselves.  This means taking the time to see deeply into our true nature, true mnotivations true thoughts and beliefs about things.  Charka studies are like treasure hunting for truth about yourself. Sometimes the journey is treacherous and can feel a little dangerous, but these are the risks you must take to find the greatest treasures.

The goal is to become unashamedly and blissfully aware of who you REALLY are.

This means learning to be naked with yourself.

An act of emotional vulnerability is sometimes easier with an animal.  We feel that animals don’t judge us, they  won’t take advantage of our feelings of weakness. We feel we can “be ourselves” with animals.

We fear emotional vulnerability with humans because we are accessing negative past experiences and transposing them into the now of life.  Eventually, you will come to  a place where you understand that the judgements of others, neither positive or negative, should be taken personally. That each person’s “judgment” comes from a place of self-judging.  But, when the second chakra is blocked and not yet brought to your consciousness, you can only see what you can see.

Second chakra issues revolve around TRUST and TRUTH.

Who do you trust? Do you have a best friend? When you were young, did you have a best friend?  Have you known someone to whom you could tell all your secrets to and you  knew they were on your side and you would never fear they would break your confidence or hurt your feelings? Do you have someone in your life like that now?

Many people suffer from the loneliness they impose upon themselves from their own self-judgements.

To relieve yourself of guilt – try to remind yourself of this wise thought by author and poet Maya Angelou

“if you would have known better, you would have done better”.

Angelou goes through life with this core belief about people and about herself.  It is a very freeing thought because it acknowledges the FACT that everyone does what they believe is their best at the time they are doing it.  In hindsight, everything has a different hue.

Forgiveness is an important focus for this and every chakra.  Forgiveness is NOT an act of placing an approval stamp on the past. Forgiveness is a recognition that the past cannot be changed. Forgiveness holds within it, if it is the truth, a desire to discover what every experience has brought to you, not what it has taken from you.  Then, focus on the need you were trying to fulfill when you did whatever it is that causes you guilt.  Discover truthfully, fearlessly – the belief behind the need you were trying to fulfill. Then understand fully (prayer helps with this) that your needs are important.  That you can find healthy ways to fulfill these needs without causing yourself harm.  That you can remain from this time forward, aware of your needs, so you make choices and decisions for yourself in an aware an dhealthy way.  This is possible for everyone.

BE LIKE WATER…water_horse_by_grau23-d54263o

But the first steps begin a process of a new kind of thinking. They will produce changes in your life, and the people around you will react.  Be aware of this as you continue.  Allow the changes to unfold, and as the elemtn in the second chakra urges us as does the Tao te Ching – follow the lesson that water teaches us.  It flows with all the circumstances it comes across. It recognizxes that it is ever changing and ever moving, but like water, we never fully disappear.  If we remain like stone, and we are not in the flow of our live, using our minds and thoughts to resist what is, then we will find ourselves being eroded and chipped away, until we are finlly pulled free into the river of what life is doing around us.


The Supreme Good is like water,

Which nourishes all things without trying to.

It flows to low places, loathed by all men

Therefore it is like the Tao.

Live in accordance with the nature of things,

In dwelling, be close to the land.

In meditation, go deep in the heart.

In dealing with others be gentle and kind.

In speech be true.

In ruling be just.

In action, watch the timing.

No fight: No blame

One who lives in accordance with nature,

Does not go against the way of things.

They move in harmony with the present moment,

Always knowing the truth of just what to do.

Lao Tzu – Tao Te Ching


The excercise we will do in this retreat is to request our participants to take a horse aside, privately and have a “conversation”.  You will tell the horse your most deep dark secrets. The one you wouldn’t even tell your best friend. The one your surely wouldn’t tell your priest.  The one you secretly believe God will judge you for.

Then take time to look deeply into the horse’s eyes.  See what they see.  Listen to your self, and acknowledge the feelings you have in this interaction.

Ask yourself some questions and stay in meditation with the  horse – quiet in your present space:

Do you believe the horse can see inside of you?

Can you see yourself as clearly as the horse sees you?

Ask to be shown how to forgive.

Stay quiet.

Observe your horse’s eyes.

Heartfelt_-low-res-file-698x1024What do you feel?

My Soul’s Portraits

Just a quick follow up. Here is what i came up with following the directions from my previous entry on How to Create your Soul’s Portrait using some very ancient directions.

jo mandala 1jo mandala 2

here they are…the first two. I will keep working this and try and lose my “preconceptions” of the shapes. I find I am working in few circles…too many angles. Not sure..

really enjoying it though!


peace and thanks for joining me on this journey!



My Potty Mouth

The next topic we will be looking at in the upcoming retreat at our farm is the fifth chakra – the throat or Vishuddha.  As usual, whenever we are coming up to a topic, issues in my life abound which keep this area active and challenging!  The throat chakra is all about personal expression. How you set your boundaries and limitations and how you express your needs and desires and how well you represent yourself in your words. Miguel Ruiz in the 4 agreements indicates that “being impeccable with your word” is paramount to balanced happy living.  Violent awords or the use of words which are there only to provide impression an dshock, like swearing, is not a healthy thing for this chakra. Miguel was right. when I swear allot in a day, my energy is lower, I feel more negative. I am discovering how important the words I use about myself and life in general are.

About the chakra:

The Vishuddha is associated with higher discrimination, with creativity and self-expression. When Vishuddha is closed, we undergo decay and death – resentment, anger etc…. When it is open, negative experiences are transformed into wisdom and learning. The success and failure in one’s life depends upon the state of this chakra (polluted/clean). Guilty feeling is the most prominent reason for this chakra to block the Kundalini Energy moving upwards. It is associated with the element Akasha, or Æther, and the sense of hearing, as well as the action of speaking.

This trip is not so easy!

This is one of those cases where I read something, and it makes perfect sense in my head…but my activities and behaviours don’t exactly represent what my head is thinking.  I swear like a trucker, and if you make me angry, I lash out like a serpent.  I re-act rather than act consciously. Focusing and simply being aware of this behavior has made me want to change things up and do better!

Every day I am faced with the challenge of my potty-mouth.  I even shock myself – now that I am paying attention.

Did you know that the F word is so flexible that it can be used probably more than any other word in the English language!

  • F*** can be used as a verb both transitive (he f***’d her) and    intransitive (she was f***’d by him).
  • a active verb (who really gives a f***?),
  • a passive verb (I really don’t give a f***),
  • an adverb (He is f***ing amazing with horses) and
  • a noun (dumb f***).
  • an adjective (this is f***ing beautiful).


If there is a way to swear I have found it.  But, it no longer represents me! It dumbs me down.  I use it mostly for shock value…but maybe my need for shock is gone?  It probably left around the same time as my desire for drama.

This chakra is very interesting to me.

My livelihood is earned as a singer.  There are some that would say I talk allot. 🙂 It is apparent that this chakra is of predominant interest for me. When the chakra is blocked, that means, when there are thoughts and issues that prevent us from expressing ourselves honestly (which his th ecase for most people), the energy becomes halted in this space. We can experience throat issues – even cancers if the energy stays there stale and detrimental for too long. Awasreness is the key to freeing bound energy.

Even if you don’t understand chakras, or don’t even believe they exist, there can be nothing but positive that comes from a desire to be aware of how we use our words and express our needs.

In younger developmental years, I was not exactly the most diplomatic of people.  it was part of my “self image” that I have many opinions and I made SURE everyone know what those opinions were.  But, as I mature and become more and more aware of everything around me. I find my opinions dropping to the wayside like unnecessary baggage.  I don’t need to be right anymore

Then there is the case of an underused throat chakra. For many years I didn’t sing. This caused great illness inside of me.  I think that once you disciover your creative talent (everyone has one…yes even you!) and you choose not to use it for whatever reason, the area of your body which houses the energy for that talent become blocked and illness results.

For many people, one of the main reasons this area of the body becomes blocked is because we don’t know how to express what we need when we need it. We allow things to build up until BLAM it all comes out sidesways in a liturgy of unhappiness.  Ruiz says we like to “share our poison” with others. When we have sadness or confusion or frustration, we explode outwards and try to dump all that thorat poison onto the nearest victim, usually our closest friends and family.

Many of us also weren’t exactly given the greatest role models for expression of self.  Then again, you can’t teach what you don’t know. My parents came from a time when women contained their needs and were in a  state of self sacrifice for their families – the definition of a “good mother”.  I would have loved my first mother to still be alive and see this new understanding that we are adopting that if we don’t have our own selves filled and taken care ofm, we certainly can’t take proper care of our families.  The old “fill your own cup” first – take the oxygen masks for yourself before putting it on your child. Yes…this is the right idea.

When I started to “Self center” myself, my family did not react very well.  It ws difficult for them to adapt to someone who was always leeching energy from them, to someone who was trying to find it within themselves.  Over time, we have communicated better and they have gained an understanding and appreciation for the work it takes to “be ok with yourself”.  I am a better example – especially for my girls today, who it seems have not in any way apopted this “subservient” silent women’s role that has plagued our cultures.  No, they have no problem expressing themselves at all…ever. 🙂

Guilt is a plaguing force. It is the most useless of all emotions. The most counterproductive.  It contains only false thoughts about you and about the world you live in.  It tells you are not enough. Makes you relive and relive the past – which by the way, can’t be changed.  Accepting the past, taking responsibility for your actions today and now, and making amends where you need to are the actions that heal guilt. In order to achieve this, you have to get very honest with yourself – and concurrently loose all judgment of you and your past actions.  All actions in the past are meant to bring you to where you are today.  Stand still – look at where you are. Whatever it is in the past that plagues you – was meant to help you become YOU! Guilt makes you look back over your should and get a sore neck…ways looking backwards, never forwards.

After my first marriage fell apart, mostly because of me, it took me years and years to understand this truly in my heart. It’s a tough thing to overcome!  But if you do – you will find yourself at a new level and potential for happiness.  Focusing on the throat and expressing what you need with conscious intention, is the healer.

If the devil had a voice, and if I believed in the devil, I would say it would sound like guilt.

So…f*** guilt.

And have a great day.




3-lotus-mandala2How to create your own Soul’s Mandala:

Different spiritual traditions through the ages have developed a variety of ways of describing the soul and its physical characteristics. Hindu tradition portrays the physical body as being governed by a series of seven rotating energetic centers called chakras which means “wheel” in Sanskrit.  Each chakra has an attributed colour, the wavelength of which is said to match the energetic wavelength of the body’s center. The chakras are said to be the connection between the ethereal and the physical realms of existence.

Other traditions such as those related to Buddhism, portray the soul as a Lotus flower.  In certain Buddhist and Tibetan traditions, spiritual followers create visual interpretations of this philosophy through the use of Mandalas.  A Mandala is a series of concentric circles or circular like shapes which portray the soul of the creator. Circles have been a source of power throughout history.  A circle drawn upon the ground in certain magical rituals serves as a protection against undesirable forces that are being invoked.  North American Indians speak of life as a circle flowing from one into another.

The act of creating a Mandala is a type of meditation in and of itself.  Visually focusing your mind can help to quiet the runaway train of thoughts that may be running on unconsciously.  Mandalas can help awaken your sense of personal consciousness.

This project is one I developed to create certain skills in the willing participant. That of following direction and intuition concurrently is the most important. The following directions for the creation of your own soul’s Mandala are loose and sometimes purposefully unspecific.  They are based on the description of the soul as described by Alice Bailey’s mentor and channeled teacher Djwal Khul.

Prep: Get yourself a pencil, colours if you have them, a comfortable spot.  Choose the colours you feel drawn to for each step of the creation.  Make tea. There are no rules.

1-      You will begin by creating a nine petalled lotus as the center of your soul. Use any colour(s) you want. You may find that the colours you choose tell you some things about how you portray and view yourself – so try not to follow any “chakra colour” rules.

2-      At the central point, create an electrical fire which emanates outwards into a further three petals which encompass and protect the 9 petalled lotus.  Each of the three outer petals encompasses three of the inner lotus.

  1. The three outer petals extend outwards to the sphere of your life’s influence.
  2. Represent this in any way you want.  You can consider the use of collage and magazine clippings if you want to represent your “sphere of influence” to yourself.
  3. In other words, what does your life touch?

3-      The three petals encircling the lotus into groups of three pets each are named Knowledge, Love and Will. As you go through life, the sets of three of these are activated depending on your life path and place in your learning.

4-      As your incarnations in lives progress, the colours of your soul deepen and become more vibrant. The vibrancy arises from the root of all. Depict this concept in your Mandala. Where are you activated?

5-      As you evolve towards consciousness  of self – the three outer petals of each center are energized:

  1. The three petals of Knowledge are activated, organized and vitalized first: This occurs in the “Hall of Ignorance” (Outer Court)– the phase of life where everything is experienced on the physical level.
  2. The three petals of Love are activated in the “Hall of Learning” (Inner Court) – you seek to spiritualize your learning consciously.
  3. Lastly – activation of the petals of Will (also called sacrifice) in the “Hall of Wisdom” – also called the Holy of Holies.

6-      These three things do not happen separately – but concurrently. In and out, over time. The completion of each is marked by one of three initiations in the three courts of the Temple.

7-      The fundamental colour of the petals is orange with iridescent green, violet blue, rose yellow and indigo.



I will publish my own interpretation of this after a few days, and will encourage you to do the same – share your soul with us!