This is the page I avoid all of the time because I never quite know what to write in it.  I am a spiritual enthusiast. I love to write, draw, paint, compose. I sing by profession and write with passion.  I am a creative type…if you haven’t gotten that by now.

thanks for supporting this site and being part of my ever widening community.  paulette and otis



9 thoughts on “About me…

    1. Wow michelle…I am so touched. This came on a perfect day (of blah and yuck) You MADE MY DAY! I will continue the tradition. What a kind and good heart you are! Thank YOU for the inspiration xo peace ~


    1. ha! lmao… just do updates so you can observe your “evolution” – I get it though. I don’t care anymore. Where i live i am a public figure musician so, I cant hide lol. First bios were out in 2000 – 15 years later- well – i don’t even resemble myself anymore. Let people ‘guess” – how fun! 😉

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