The Asking

Step bravely forward into your Asking

Chest first.

And if the Truth tears away at the center of your eyes,

Don’t be afraid to raise your voice,

Like you did as a child.

Sing your Asking loud and clear.

Remember;  young hearts have no fear.

To the very moon herself

the Queen of Love will reply,

Bearing notes on sweet wings that fly,

and dance your Asking into the velvet night,

waving determined fists in the sky,

Living the Asking Song’s delight.

And before even the first note is sung,

the unraveling of Creation has begun.

For our daughter’s and son’s

Hold the center of fire within themselves.

Sculpt out the essence of your Asking,

But leave the center to god;

Whatever you conceive That to be.

Step forward boldly into your Asking;

It is not done for you,

But with you.

You only live once,

Again and again.

And if the sun should tear away at the center of your eyes,

Raise your voice and finally begin

To paint the sky.



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