Love doesn’t always mean

Being sticky sweet  nice.

Love isn’t,

letting the world use you as a doormat.

Love doesn’t mean

that everyone will like you.

In fact…

Sometimes the greatest acts of love

Cut to the deepest places

This is the special love

that changes you forever.

And that is O.K.

Love isn’t ice cream on a cone,

or sweet flowers in a vase.

Sometimes love is a harsh goodbye,

When hellos are holding you back

Love is an ear,

When the mouth wants to move.

Love is seeing you,

without needing myself in the picture.

Love is not a complicated thing,

It’s all in the heart,

Opening wide –

Creating a new bright star.

Love is expansion

Not contraction.

Holding within its own self

The natural possibility of All.

Simply put;

Love is what you are.




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