Beautiful Hands

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Its good to see neighbours,

standing shoulder to shoulder,

Using hands to help,

Spread out the burden.

Lending hands,

Holding hands,

Praying hands.

Beautiful hands!

Seeing each other,

Sometimes for a first real time.

Take a stand,

side by side,

While we watch the river rise and rise,

And we are not afraid!

We see each other,

around each other,

and we feel happiness!

even at our loss.

Children in uniform,

Deployed to safe zones,

Where they are showered in love and appreciation,

Perhaps and occasional

homemade cookie.

This is as it SHOULD BE!

Overflowing LOVE,



loving each other,



Let the disasters wash away,

the dark mysteries of our hearts,

and leave only the clean love,

we were all born with.

Out the back door,

You peer your neighbours house,

Washing down winding roads,

Grandma still rocking on the front porch.

Meanwhile those gathered in churches,

Where hands pray,

And touch softly the places,

we may have lost

and now regain.

We stand together,

when we must,

Be made safe again,

With each other

there is no loss.

Future memories,

Kitchen tables,

where we gather to talk,

with laughter and tears,

about these very  special days,

and all the magnificent things,

Our beautiful hands did better



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