Breathe In – Breathe Out

Image result for spider webScattered.

Mind hops

Like a jumping spider ,

gleefully spinning its web.

One thought leads to another, to another to another to another….

Why bother?

I don’t even care if this poem rhymes.

(Breathe in – Breathe out)

Am I here?

Or there?

Are any of us anywhere?

Future -Past- Present

Have we forgotten to stand still?

ALways running uphill

We have lost our breath.

Note to self:  (Breathe in …breathe out)

Mind replays…

Screaming children at the fair

soothing ocean waves,

dark dank caves,

That smell of rot.

Heaven sounds its bells,

For the person I am not.

I am scattered,

Maybe you can relate?

If you try and contemplate

The here and there and everywhere

Of what you have become

Maybe no one to some

To make this point

let me begin at the end

Breathe in breathe out

my friend.


Puts it all together

Now I know your fair weather

I will believe you the first time.

(Breathe in breathe out…)

Maybe one day

I will stop hating

All of the things I create,

On scattered canvasses,

Always looking for the truth

Then I will really hear the songs

I sing for you.

(Breathe in – breathe out…)










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