Bullshit Honey…

This liberal pink-clad,

bullshit artist,

is pissing me off,

In the middle of the night.

Angry rhetoric,

takes heedless flight,

Sticky sweet honey words,

Not good for your teeth,

attracts flies and wasps,

in the same way they like to nest,

In other kinds of organic things.

Maybe the intention was good,

You can’t really tell

With the heart felt lies

Those lips can spell.

This isn’t the time

to hide behind the spirit that calls

using words and concepts to bamboozle us all.

Eyes that say one thing

while the mouth spells out thoughts

Seems you have lied so long

you are completely lost.

The woman in pink

Grapples for truth

Leaving claw-marks in it all.










California is sinking under the weight,

of three years of rain in a day.

North Korea is practicing launching bombs,

At the distracted Divided States of America

Fallen now under the weight of its own pride

Look up to all the lines in the sky

Is it more than we can fix?

Have we gone beyond the tilting edge

I must say,

There was a certain comfort knowing

Big Brother lived next door

Something else no more.

Falling into overly warm oceans

polar bears decease

Melania and ivanka

concerned if they are obese.

They worry about their wardrobe,

While I consider my children and grandchildren

and yours too.

Art is muted

I am silent.

Maybe you are grateful

You get to think you are right

right right right

and the left is falling under the tracks

The train is set

and you are the driver. Good for you.

Leave you in your pile of rubble standing alone

with no place to call home

Turtle Island is sinking

The earth we continue raping

Dolphins and whales perishing.

It seems to me that

God is on vacation.

There isn’t anything to say

You all seem to know it all.

Kissing your ridiculous cardboard effigies

to the Great Lord of Lies

Waste waste wasting my time.

Feet on the ground

unknown in this sad space

Unhappy people angry at anything that isn’t familiar to them

Isn’t what fits into their tiny box minds

Dressed in fashion camo wear;

wanna go out and shoot a bear?

Get a life.

Pathetic so-called peace loving nouveauĀ  hippies

Making the newest market of what to buy and get.

You are SO full of shit.

Music festival-going-acid-taking-mindless drivel.

Come on now – get a handle.

Going to the university of YouTube

buy hundred dollar hemp jewellery

and eat fancy organic crap

But can’t even bother

to feed the neighbours cat.

You cant quell the voice of opposition

even those it is in this condition

that we will see you fall

I am tired

But I would do it all