“When Times Get Tough” Things To Remember


Thoughts for my children

or me

or you.

For when times get tough

good advice I don’t take enough

Everything is passing. Enjoy it all, but don’t hold on to any of it.

Pat yourself on the back at least three times a day.

Don’t take your thoughts so seriously, they will make you crazy.

Play music, make art – do something creative and fun every single day.

It’s Why you are alive.

Notice that when you are depressed

most of your thoughts are about you.

Widen your world.

Find every possible way to be relaxed and happy in each situation of your life.

Be nice to people even when they are not so nice to you.

Do yoga.

Not fluffy American crappy nouveau yoga –

real Indian badass yoga.

Find your mind.

Spend time with your mind without it owning you once a day.

Lighten up

and remember that without exception

every single person in the world wants the same thing you want.

Stop judging anyone including your self.

Call your family: mom, dad, sister brother, cousin –

it doesn’t matter who just do it once a week.

It reminds you that you are connected to people

That you come from somewhere.

Commit to one day a week (to begin)

to not say ONE negative thing at all for the whole day.

Even find a new way to say the word no.

Keep a journal – it helps you work things out.

Don’t jump from one thing to the next. Pause, breathe between each activity in your day. Regroup.

This year – stop thinking about what people think about you.  Really. Just stop it. It doesn’t matter.

Learn to ask for and accept help when you need it.

Love yourself. No one can love you more than you can love yourself.

Do one nice thing a day, for a person,

your neighbour, a stranger or even your cat or dog!

And don’t let anyone know you did it.




Wishing you a blessed new year.







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