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T’was the night before….

the night before Christmas

and lo and behold

We hadn’t shopped for one gift

and so we were told

To get out of the house

and into the shops

Or your kids will cry and

Christmas will flop.


So out we ran

my husband in tow

around in circles

didn’t know where to go!

The big box stores just made us mad

Since no Christmas spirit could be had.

So on we went

in search of some cheer

when we found ourselves thinking

it might be nice to have a beer??!!

But now come to think of it

Better be sober

Got too much to do

To nurse a hangover!


Another day passed

with great anxiety,

we had to be ready,

with more gifts aplenty!

Dashing into one store,

and out of the next,

our baskets were full,

but we weren’t finished yet.

Then back to the house,

in a flurry of stuff,

we wrapped and we bowed,

and we blinged and we fluffed.

Then what should appear

to our wondering eyes

but our seven lovely children

and a great big surprise!

They had come empty handed,

but with hearts full of love,

to remind us of Christmas

and the better lesson of love.

To recall what we had taught

to them for so long,

love one another,

and say sorry when you’re wrong.

Be good to yourselves,

And to each other

And for gods sakes

Stopping picking on your brohter.

and don’t give up on love,

When times get rough

When you have big questions,

don’t forget to look up.

Remember that this family,

is your forever tribe,

and when you have troubles,

We are always by your side.

Now we see seven beautiful children,

And some grandchildren too

All sent from heaven

We wish you all

To our family and friends

The best of teh seasons

And goodwill towards all men.

**Merry Christmas to all of our Friends and family this Christmas.  Sending blessings and hopes of peace to our planet for this coming year.




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