Standing still

Is not inert

Or insubstantive

Instead it is


A fleeting moment of summation

Bringing you to the brink of

Cathartic complication

And an endless resolution.

Standing still,

Means breathing inwardly,

And realizing that,

There is just as much value,

In the silent pause

Between questions and answers,

as the validation that awaits you.

As there is in your,

Grandest maneuver,

Towards the completion,

Or destination,

Of anything

the next motion.

Standing still;

Is holding the Sacred Space

Even when the clear lines are drawn,

And our greatest desires are called upon

To shake and shatter,

Indecision about

The things that really matter.

When the old voices

Creep in from their deep repose

And wake you in your desert walk.

Then, do not answer their call.

Remember to recognize the misshapen thoughts

The ones that lead you away from your self.

As Soul says-

“You arrived with all that you need!”

Standing still –

Is how you know

That this is a fact.

You are only here to learn

How to be free.


And you walk into the canyon

That has waited for so long

at your feet

and find the light

deep within.



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