Where I Am

This is where I AM

As well as knowing

All stories within you

About you

For you.

Based on self made

Bullshit mind rules.

Historical assignations –

That are not yours .

On designated parts

Add delusion to the fuel.

Brain farts they claim no one can smell.

Blame the dog

Or the fog

Or someone else…

Only heaven can tell

What they think you should be

According to no liberties

Restriction by the one, two, three,

What do you want from me?

This Is where I AM.

Your rules

Should I put a,

Comma over              here______________?

I attended the best schools.

But don’t let me think

I may end up in the drink.

Like you.

Suffering from a serious

Deficiency of consciousness

Knowing ideas do not reflect

But simply object

To reality.

They Claim they know what is best

What are other’s needs

Who you should be


Fuck you.

I choose to be free.

But will you still console me?


Highly unlikely.

You never could handle me.

That wasn’t why I came to be.

Here to make you question

and challenge

Everything you think

To go beyond your self

Don’t stand lightly on the brink.

SMASH it down.


Scars shaped like a square round peg holes

All your nasty secrets are going to slowly unfold

And you’ll find that you and the dog

Had allot more in common

Than you thought before.

Hot air is a-parent

And THIS is where I AM

If you need me somewhere else

Then or now

Too fucking bad.

THIS is where I AM.

According to the circumstances

Did you fall into their dances

Does your soul ever take chances

And decide as you see

Rose coloured glasses

For you or for me.

Love would have been a better option.

Don’t you think?

Contempt and resentment is slow suicide.

But it’s your life.

Silence is your finest weapon

And when properly used

Can be grandly abused

When wielded only

Upon yourself.



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