The King is Dead! Debating 101

Have you ever seen someone who just heard something unreal and is incapable of responding, stands there gasping like a fish with their mouth agape?

Image result for shocked expression black womanThat’s me – after last night’s “presidential debatable  debate”.

When i was a kid I was on the debate team. It wasn’t an “uncool thing” where I came from, because it allowed us to travel – to different states provinces and even countries. Image result for greek debaters


Mostly, I loved the art of debating. Well done – it is like a dance of ideas between unwilling partners.

As opposed to the ridiculous Hollywood crap farce stupid shit thing you saw last night.

Image result for shocked expression black woman

How do I really feel?

Debating is meant as a formal intellectual exchange of concepts which lead participants to a higher understanding of a carefully selected, well researched and prepared for topic.

It is the debaters job to be the MOST convincing, and the rules about HOW to be convincing are strict.

Pathos and drama are fun but manic snaps of rage and outbursts of hatred are seriously frowned upon. Image result for pathos mask

Ideas that intentionally or cruelly demean or insult participants were strictly penalized. You had to be smart – not mean.

The times to address the judges were strict.

You didn’t interrupt a judge, for god’s sake.

And the words we used were precise and polite:

“If it please the Judges,”

If I may…?

Point of order,

Point of personal privilege!   Was my favourite: That was what you declared when you felt you had been “unfairly bashed”and were “insulted”!!  by your fellow debater then you got to address the monitor of the debate and tell him all the reasons they had been wrong.

The rules allowed for the development of bigger ideas. In any democratic culture this is not only important, but critical for forward growth.

However, it is clear that long ago the United States lost its forward growth in critical areas like – compassion, love and morality.

These were the true issues presented to the American people in last nights “debatable debate”.

Speech-making, debating – these are old and beautifully evolved arts that we have developed the best parts of our democratic processes upon.

We can all admit that there are ALLOT of things that are messed up in our world-

so why are we breaking one of the only things that works – the democratic debate process.

We have lowered our bar.  Image result for lower the bar

Better get a shovel.

Plato called everyone to the mountain to exchange ideas and vote.

Socrates died for want to telling a lie.

Martin Luther King

John F. Kennedy

Malcolm X

And the native forefathers – where are they in all of this?

Take the land, screw up the land – then destroy everything with your stupidity.

Oh my god. stop it.

Image result for john f kennedy quotes


And so, what have we come to?

Image result for hilary trump debate farce
Are you kidding me? Wake up America!

A Hollywood debacle and media circus show will be the progenitor of the ideas for how a group of clearly delusional people choose the most powerful politician in the world?


Wake up people.

The King is Dead.

Who will champion the sword?Sword in Stone Magical, Free Facebook Timeline Profile Cover, Other Cool


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