Fifty Years In



In fifty years of living this life

I have seen things come and go

and live and die.

To record all the changes that my eyes have seen

would take a day or two maybe even a week.

I’d like to give it a try.

I have seen roller skates morph into roller blades

and skateboards into hover-boards.

I have seen black and white TV go to colour to video to DVD to –

I don’t even know what they have now.

I had the first television integrated game console –

I was lucky and had an Atari and an Intelevision.

I remember the squeaky little noises of the dragon in the orange and black primitive graphic.

I was just as addicted as any kid today

Although I would never admit it.

I remember when microwaves came on the scene.

I remember my shock at finding out my grandmother used a bread machine.

In fifty years I have traveled the world,

given birth to babies,

been a mother to many,

married, divorced, married.

I have seen people die and I have seen people born.

I have met hungry people, greedy people,

poor people, rich people and everyone in between.

In fifty years I have discovered what I can do – my creativity.

My super powers.

We all have them.

I know in my heart that

the way I relate to this world

is not at all like other people.

At fifty I am OK with this.

At fifty I am OK with a lot of things

I may have not been OK with ten or twenty years ago.

I am OK with the lines on my face.

I like them.

I have earned each sun drenched map

Of the places I have been

They remind me of who I am.

And who I am not.

I like the softening of my body,

how everything seems to fall into place

and I like the smile on his face

When I am naked.

At fifty I am peaceful now

not always searching.

Not always looking to the past

for causes of hurting.

At fifty I can look at myself from the inside out –

not only through a mirror on a wall,

and like what I see.

At fifty my eyes have softened

And I can sit back and watch the geese take their flight

to warmer places through a darkening sky

and wait for their return

because in a half century if we learn nothing else

it is that everything that passes

turns into something even more beautiful.

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