A Sunday Idea – Poem

Image result for dali elephants

When I am lost I turn to Joni

To clear my mind

stop the wheels of time.

As though I had a case of you

in a Big Yellow Taxi,

All the while dancing in our own Circle game

Skating along the mystical River,

While the Clouds cried rain.

Make art of black and white,

Sing melodies that celebrate the eternal night.

When I am lost I turn inside,

To the quiet space of night,

the rising moon,

Birds in Flight

Ideas that delight.

Hushed voices from the past.

Call me to task

Recalling the happiness’s that don’t last.

None of that is true.

We are all just passing through.

Exquisite strides all marching in non-existent time,

One by one like Dali’s long limbed elephants

Just gliding through your mind-room,

taking up the holy space,

where you used to be able to grow your own self.


The grief does not dissolve fast enough,

Layer one day on the next

Like the things that reside in your fridge,

To take up space so you don’t feel  empty.

There is no room for new

and it will spoil.

Sunday is a good day to clean.




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