That Guy

Image result for sad horse paintingIf you work with animals – you know that Donald Trump is well aware he is going to loose the upcoming election.

His arrogant energy is gone. Image result for trump loser

I saw it as he stood in front of a nations’ questions and he had no valuable answers.

He is running a race he is sorry he jumped into.

If I have learned nothing else in 25 years of singing in some seriously crappy dives for drunken morons, it is that Donald Trump is That Guy.Image result for trump drunk in bar

I have met him hundreds of times. I even wrote a song about it.

( )

he is the loud, voarcious, opinionated, over sexed, under brained, over moneyed dumbass who walks in and makes an immediate ass of himself – then pays people to tell him he is great.

Hides behind his money and self imposed image. His opinion of women is well – I dont even need to talk about it I think.

SO I asked myself – what kind of people do I see that Donald trump appeal to?

My conclusions? People who believe money makes you happy.

Image result for trump in the white house

People who believe they don’t have enough of it.

People who believe he can get it for them.

He appeals to frightened people, angry people – nasty bad-ass people.

People I do not want to hang out with.

Is that judgemental – yeah maybe.  I call it intellectual discernment.  It’s what happens to people who think  about someone other than themselves. Image result for trump supporters

So what do you think would happen if he got elected as president of the United States?

I had a vision 😉

I see strippers in the oval office. Image result for trump with a stripper



and all that sniffing on debate night…I have only heard that in cocaine addicts but hey, maybe that’s just me. Image result for trump cocaine



I see a freakish meeting with North Korea #weirdestbromanceImage result for trump in north koreaever

Image result for trump and putin

And how much Borscht does the USA want to eat exactly?

Because so far – that is the only thing looking up for your future? Image result for traditional borscht old russia peasant woman



Kidding! All that would never happen. Right?

Listen up oh naive voter – EVERY PERSON who runs for office – no matter where or when or how is THE WRONG PERSON. In other words, by their nature – the person who DESIRES OFFICE – is naturally the WRONG PERSON for office.

What we want is -Someone who understand us – someone who has lived our lives (the common voter in other words) – we wants someone connected tot he people – someone who has the same concerns and priorities as we do,.

Think about it. People who are trained to sit in office in our culture are exactly the opposite of all that really. Politician Evolution

Its’ why the greatest leaders have been people who did not want public office but whose leadership and vision was SO PURE they were able to change entire nations.

Martin Luther King Jr.Image result for martin luther king jr


Image result for gandhi

Nelson Mandela – who had the natural love and leadership for his country.

Image result for nelson mandela

Mother Theresa

Image result for mother teresa helping

These are real world leaders – positive changers of culture. They expedite us forward as a human race – through love, compassion, loving-kindess and a determination for good.

They make us BETTER.

Now, lets go back to Hillary and Trump. Sorry. Image result for hillary and trump

Both by nature dishonest.

Both seeking power. By nature as well.

Our greatest concern should be to know what is their real motivation in seeking office. All other questions would be answered.

Why is she doing this? Wouldn’t it be better for her to go to one of her country houses and chill out with her grand-kids?  Write a book or make even more money? Surround herself with people who only like her?

And him – Whats his motivation?

From what I see – Greed hate anger resentment mysogeny and an ego that seems to need unending feeding. His greatest conduit to this gratification – Money.

Money is Trump’s higher power.Image result for trump money

Needing to be Right (at any cost…) is Hillary’s.

Image result for hillary arrogant

OK well – if she wants to BE RIGHT about the right things – then that’s good. If she wants to be right about wrong things – then not-so-good.

Politics is not complicated. But you need to take time to think.

Popular media over the last 50 years has done a real number on our perception of reality. So much so that we have created our ultimate challenges and made them come to life.

Donald trump is a personification of everything that will lead to the final demise of the United States. Image result for post apocalyptic usa

In Canada, we are just different enough still to see how insane he is. maybe you don’t ? I dunno – its not making much sense to me.Image result for canada donald trump

When I see Trump on TV I find myself  looking closely at the people that surround him always wondering what “that kind of person” looks like.

like a new kind of human.

Sorry, i know that sound bad, but I seriously don’t know ANYONE in my world who would put one ounce of energy supporting a person who wants to cause such harm and pain to people. Who is so dark and angry and obviously OBVIOUSLY the opposite of what we are want to be.

You see that right??

God I hope so.

And your insanity against Hillary is well – misplaced and largely due to conditioning.  You nkow that because you know they are both liars right?

yet – you watch her with a closer lens – yes in part because she is a woman.

Hilary is just towing the line you have created.

Same bullshit…different day.

These are very dangerous times, and what you do and think as an individual is incredibly important.

Down to the fine details of the kindness you dole out during your daily encounters, the gentleness you confer upon your own self.

This incredible and dumbfounding “contest” of incontestable occurring in the United States is making us ALL think about what is important, isn’t it?

I hear it from my friends in Australia, and across the globe.

It makes us declare what we believe.

So listen to yourselves – and we will find that we ALL want the same thing.

We want our families to be safe

Food, clothing shelter

We want our children to be able to play in the streets safely.Image result for syrian children playing

We want to learn – and become educated

we want the freedom to create

we want to taste all the delicious things about life – without fear or rancor.

This election – everywhere in the world, we will vote with our hearts.  Image result for vote for love

We are VERY powerful – together, one intention.

YOU will become the Government – because hate and ignorance don’t have any power or energy behind them.

We know now, Love, intention, creativity and tolerance are the ultimate power.

Begin the dialogue. Govern yourself with love, tolerance, honesty

You KNOW what you are. stop acting like you don’t.

WE are Arthur.

Take the sword.

The King is Dead! Debating 101

Have you ever seen someone who just heard something unreal and is incapable of responding, stands there gasping like a fish with their mouth agape?

Image result for shocked expression black womanThat’s me – after last night’s “presidential debatable  debate”.

When i was a kid I was on the debate team. It wasn’t an “uncool thing” where I came from, because it allowed us to travel – to different states provinces and even countries. Image result for greek debaters


Mostly, I loved the art of debating. Well done – it is like a dance of ideas between unwilling partners.

As opposed to the ridiculous Hollywood crap farce stupid shit thing you saw last night.

Image result for shocked expression black woman

How do I really feel?

Debating is meant as a formal intellectual exchange of concepts which lead participants to a higher understanding of a carefully selected, well researched and prepared for topic.

It is the debaters job to be the MOST convincing, and the rules about HOW to be convincing are strict.

Pathos and drama are fun but manic snaps of rage and outbursts of hatred are seriously frowned upon. Image result for pathos mask

Ideas that intentionally or cruelly demean or insult participants were strictly penalized. You had to be smart – not mean.

The times to address the judges were strict.

You didn’t interrupt a judge, for god’s sake.

And the words we used were precise and polite:

“If it please the Judges,”

If I may…?

Point of order,

Point of personal privilege!   Was my favourite: That was what you declared when you felt you had been “unfairly bashed”and were “insulted”!!  by your fellow debater then you got to address the monitor of the debate and tell him all the reasons they had been wrong.

The rules allowed for the development of bigger ideas. In any democratic culture this is not only important, but critical for forward growth.

However, it is clear that long ago the United States lost its forward growth in critical areas like – compassion, love and morality.

These were the true issues presented to the American people in last nights “debatable debate”.

Speech-making, debating – these are old and beautifully evolved arts that we have developed the best parts of our democratic processes upon.

We can all admit that there are ALLOT of things that are messed up in our world-

so why are we breaking one of the only things that works – the democratic debate process.

We have lowered our bar.  Image result for lower the bar

Better get a shovel.

Plato called everyone to the mountain to exchange ideas and vote.

Socrates died for want to telling a lie.

Martin Luther King

John F. Kennedy

Malcolm X

And the native forefathers – where are they in all of this?

Take the land, screw up the land – then destroy everything with your stupidity.

Oh my god. stop it.

Image result for john f kennedy quotes


And so, what have we come to?

Image result for hilary trump debate farce
Are you kidding me? Wake up America!

A Hollywood debacle and media circus show will be the progenitor of the ideas for how a group of clearly delusional people choose the most powerful politician in the world?


Wake up people.

The King is Dead.

Who will champion the sword?Sword in Stone Magical, Free Facebook Timeline Profile Cover, Other Cool

Fifty Years In



In fifty years of living this life

I have seen things come and go

and live and die.

To record all the changes that my eyes have seen

would take a day or two maybe even a week.

I’d like to give it a try.

I have seen roller skates morph into roller blades

and skateboards into hover-boards.

I have seen black and white TV go to colour to video to DVD to –

I don’t even know what they have now.

I had the first television integrated game console –

I was lucky and had an Atari and an Intelevision.

I remember the squeaky little noises of the dragon in the orange and black primitive graphic.

I was just as addicted as any kid today

Although I would never admit it.

I remember when microwaves came on the scene.

I remember my shock at finding out my grandmother used a bread machine.

In fifty years I have traveled the world,

given birth to babies,

been a mother to many,

married, divorced, married.

I have seen people die and I have seen people born.

I have met hungry people, greedy people,

poor people, rich people and everyone in between.

In fifty years I have discovered what I can do – my creativity.

My super powers.

We all have them.

I know in my heart that

the way I relate to this world

is not at all like other people.

At fifty I am OK with this.

At fifty I am OK with a lot of things

I may have not been OK with ten or twenty years ago.

I am OK with the lines on my face.

I like them.

I have earned each sun drenched map

Of the places I have been

They remind me of who I am.

And who I am not.

I like the softening of my body,

how everything seems to fall into place

and I like the smile on his face

When I am naked.

At fifty I am peaceful now

not always searching.

Not always looking to the past

for causes of hurting.

At fifty I can look at myself from the inside out –

not only through a mirror on a wall,

and like what I see.

At fifty my eyes have softened

And I can sit back and watch the geese take their flight

to warmer places through a darkening sky

and wait for their return

because in a half century if we learn nothing else

it is that everything that passes

turns into something even more beautiful.

Image result for flying geese


Shed your tears

for the dead,

cannot follow your,


Release them back to your dreams,

Where you may once again return,

And when the dark night comes beckoning,

and your soul begs release.

Shed your tears,

for the dead,

upon awakening

cannot follow.

Thoughts play a new tune,

Dancing in your sleep,

as you wait by the moon,

Soft love touches your face.

And as I lay me down to sleep,

Unwilling to wake,

I Shed tears,

For the dead.

Upon awakening,

For they do not sleep,

Waiting in the shadows,

For your next return.


I drift into my day…




Both Sides Now

Working for Indian people is not like working for anyone else, I think.

Take for example last week, when I had an 11 day stretch of day work and night gigs and rehearsals, so my back half way through Tuesday afternoon last week just simply stopped functioning properly.  and shooting pains brought me to my knees, which made me think:

“Well hey – maybe I should take a break”. I have been accused of ignoring my own needs in the past.

Unable to even get to clients coming into the store, I was reduced to admitting that “I think I need help”.

I texted Aman, the store owner who responded within seconds that she would be there in fifteen minutes.

I sat down on the chair and hoped no one would come into the store as I didn’t know if I would be able to actually walk to the racks to show them anything. It was pretty bad. A few came in and there i was waving like the Queen of Sheba not moving from behind the cash upon my perch, my back inordinately straight.

Thirteen minutes after my text, and after a few more people had begun to come in and mill about, Aman and Romy came stampeding into the store, with their eldest daughter in tow. It was like an efficient  military swat team operation.

Aman looked at me, with her grouchy concerned face, marched immediately  to the back of the store, grabbed a Nepalese blanket, tossed it down on the floor between the middle of the store and a changing room, and quite literally threw me down to the ground on my stomach.

“You stay”. she said all business, and began issuing confident sounding  orders in Hindi to Arpita, who also snapped into action as her mother’s habitual other right hand.

” Hindi hindi Coconut oil…hindi hindi hindi …terrible dry skin!! ….hindi hindi” is what i heard allot of.

I often wear the things in the store that we are wanting to show people the most, so that day i was uncharacteristically wearing a short “business like” dress, maybe mid thigh length. Beige.

But as I lay there my dwindling consciousness told me there we people in the store. Lots of people.

Romy and Arpita held them at bay showing them things to stay interested in at the front of the store,

Suddenly my dress was half way up my body and my underwear were half way down.

On the floor

In the store.


I felt a little uncomfortable but the pain won and I tried muttering supplications.

Can I give you some advice?

Never ever supplicate an Indian.

I tried speaking to her – thank her. I don’t know.

What the hell do you say to someone when they have laid you down on the floor and are covering your body in coconut oil to ease the aches of decades of physical self abuse?

If you’re me – you minimize.

“Oh Aman I’ll be fine…don’t worry! ill just go home and have a ba…”

I’m sure Aman heard sometime like

“Blah blah … blah blah blah…”

She snapped…

“You don’t speak now! ok? Understand? Shh”.

I could hear the concern in her voice and let myself sink back into painless bliss.

Suddenly her hands were on my lower back and the pain was absolutely gone. Poof. Eliminated. She hadn’t actually done anything yet, just the fact that she knew EXACTLY where the pain and went straight to it, I think it began to dissolve.  Over the next half hour, with my new dress now covered in coconut oil, as was the entire rest of my body,  Aman managed to perform some miracle on me, relieving pain and bringing my dry and sad skin back to life. I left he store relaxed and disheveled,  my hair now a massive mane of shiny greasy mess piled on top of my head and went home.

I cancelled a gig to rest, because I’ll tell you it got worse before it got better. I spent four days basically immobilized in some weird fog, sleeping or awake sketching was all I could muster.

I did an afternoon gig where the music started to revive me, and then I was back at work, feeling better than I have in years.

I am sharing this story because not only does it illustrate to me all of the things I am learning about the Indian people, how they take care of each other, and there is a genuine concern for every person’s well being.

I have grown up in a culture where we talk about how nice that idea is on Sundays and act like assholes the rest of the week.

These people are completely different.

To have an opportunity to see a loving example of how people truly incorporate compassion and community into their lives is probably the greatest thing I have ever experienced.

It is frustrating to me when I see people come into the store treating Aman like something less, thrusting things at her to hold, not saying please or thank you, never making eye contact or talking to her as though she is an idiot. It is hard for me to bear.

But I am fortunate to see both sides, and it is obvious that there are a many preconception that interfere with our ability to get to know each other as people.

One is who we think we are and the second is who we think each other is.

Very often I see the Montreal dwelling unlingual french canadians that treat Aman  with the greatest disdain. I hear them hammering her to speak better french and being angry and obnoxious when they confuse her (fifth) language.

I had one person ask me in french if “the English here were friendly”?


I had another ask me if “bosses pray four times a day”

Seriously. No.

I love that they support me in everything. Even what others have called “my bad temper” has come to good use.  Like with the lady in a failed attempt to negotiate (which I disdain)  who said she wouldn’t even pay two dollars for this “Indian crap” – to the hand beaded dress in her sweaty little palms.  It was my pleasure to show her to the door.  Aman is too polite for this but we have a rule: No amount of sales equals our dignity.

I’ll tell you honestly, when I was a kid, I was frequently horrified by my fathers treatment of people who worked in boutiques and restaurants. It was his way of “commanding respect”. Old school and often ugly.

More than once I remember wanting to crawl under a dinner table in a fancy restaurant as my father carried on in his indignant manner, obviously horrifying the poor waiter or waitress who had the misfortune of crossing his path on a “need to feed the ego” day.

The irony that now, at least five times a day I get to be on the receiving end of people just like him, who make me change their shoes while they talk on their cell phones (that never goes well) and who speak to me as though I am their personal attendant and no need for common courtesies are required. We don’t put up with that either.,

Maybe our store is special in another way – that we will provide free instruction on kindness if you seem to require it.   The place is steeped in it.

You just have to come in and breathe.

A Sunday Idea – Poem

Image result for dali elephants

When I am lost I turn to Joni

To clear my mind

stop the wheels of time.

As though I had a case of you

in a Big Yellow Taxi,

All the while dancing in our own Circle game

Skating along the mystical River,

While the Clouds cried rain.

Make art of black and white,

Sing melodies that celebrate the eternal night.

When I am lost I turn inside,

To the quiet space of night,

the rising moon,

Birds in Flight

Ideas that delight.

Hushed voices from the past.

Call me to task

Recalling the happiness’s that don’t last.

None of that is true.

We are all just passing through.

Exquisite strides all marching in non-existent time,

One by one like Dali’s long limbed elephants

Just gliding through your mind-room,

taking up the holy space,

where you used to be able to grow your own self.


The grief does not dissolve fast enough,

Layer one day on the next

Like the things that reside in your fridge,

To take up space so you don’t feel  empty.

There is no room for new

and it will spoil.

Sunday is a good day to clean.