Before You Can Hear My Words

Before you can hear the words I say

They will  pass through the stained glass

of all your experiences – of your life’s every day.

And although i can shine my own light

Onto the sounds that seep

from my lips to your ears

Something in you knows

They were created in the vat of spectacular colours

That comprise the tapestry that only I understand.


And by the time the words from my mind

perhaps birthed in the very chambers of my heart

pour forth from my half century lips

and fly forward streaming through me

Into you

Onto you

covering you all over.

You are reminded that

each was filtered by every heartbreak

or feverishly bad decision

every piece of apple pie

I have ever eaten.


Before my words can impact you

In the subtle places I secretly mean them to,

They will be masterfully analyzed

by the synaptic orgasms

that prove your rightness to yourself.

Before my words can hit your heart

where perhaps a modicum of chance

that they can be heard

in the way the soul demands

in the way that does not actually require words.

You will doubt me

once twice and even three times

we all dance together in this rhyme

until you can hear my words-

Our wound can only be healed by time.






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