(Warning: Venting poem contains adult content 😉

In one week

my brother dies,

an old friend commits suicide

and Brexit.

Trump, America

Imaginary borders erected.

The future is not exactly

looking up.

Tibet is praying for us

while we help China tear her down.

Children doing hard time

While newspapers say it is

A victimless crime.


Now  I am frightened

because we ALL know better

How about the Lebanese woman

who tells me,

“Men cannot see through my dress!”

Oh no?


Come on

Are we not passed this yet?

We all talk about God

but he made mistakes?

Then according to you

It is just a fake.

Maybe you pray to the East

but you have not shown in the least

a desire to live

in the way of God’s peace.

Do NOT bargain with me

until you can find your  own sense of

self respect and personal dignity!

I want to scream.

It is in there.

And please tell me,

When exactly did we give our power away?

When did we decide we were less

than what Universe intended for us?

Here’s the thing,

between you and me;

I think we all know better.

So you tell me,

When my brother was passing

and the world had convinced him

that God was an ugly thing

Painful and damaging

judging and dark

At what moment do you think he knew better?

At what second,

did his face,

meet the face of the One,

who sent him here to learn,

To be the beautiful human he was?

And was it all love?

Was it all good?

or was it just

what it was.

We have had enough

of the pretenders,

the lenders,

the ones who have never met,

their own centers.

we have come

to dance in the garden

of our own creations!

And in the love of it ALL

and you will see yourself

in the beautiful expansion

of The Knowing.

We are all the same

isn’t that what we know?

We are connected

in every breath

and every idea.

You know what that means?

We are responsible!

Once we know that


is not a relative term.

For the ant to the elephant,

we are responsible.

For the trees the bees and the seas,

we are responsible.

For the air to the ground beneath our feet

we are responsible

To see each other

in the spaces










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