I will not tumble backwards,

Just because normal,

is what my body longs for.


I will not fall prey,

To the embellishments of the mind,

And the stories it laments,

About times never past.


There will be plenty of time for grieving,

Or for reprieving,

Or whatever the hell it is one does,

When they try believing.


I will not let my heart shatter into a thousand pieces,

Because it could never sing the song,

The audience really wanted.


I will not forget who I am

Or what I have come here to do,

Which does not include,

Sitting on the sidelines,

Waiting for the next circumstance to make my next choice.


I will not kneel to my fears,

And let them baptize me with their venomous intentions.


I will however,

Follow through with my prayer.

The one where I fully offered myself,

to the All of it,

And stood on the edge of the world


To hear the clear soothing voice,

of my own heart.








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