Dear America…

A Poem for Peace in America


indexI don’t know who you are or what you do.
I don’t know the colour of your skin,
Or what elevates you,
Or makes you cry,
On warm summer nights,
when the rain falls softly ,
And the coyotes dance in the field
Soft dew sliding down the side of the places you dwell.
I just know we have all danced in this rain.

I don’t know what food tastes like on your tongue,
Or the heat of a kiss on your lips.
I don’t know what it was like for you to hold a child,
And see the eternal quiet in limpid pools of dark blue newness.
I just know we all have seen this.

I don’t know what it felt like for you,
When your heart was broken
And you thought you couldn’t live another day
With the one taken away by the grief of change
I just know we have all had our hearts break.

I don’t know what compels you
To follow harsh and hating men
Who bring you further from what you seek.
All you really know it is only love,
But your mind has become foggy
Only re-membering (reassembling indeed!)
Can cure what ails us .
I don’t know what has made your heart black
I just know that’s not the Truth.

I know that we all wake up in the morning
Looking for our first comfort
In a companion or a book
Or a cup of tea.
I know we all want thiswith caralin an dbill and sara in Old Orchard beach.
The Peaceful knowing of a safe landing
For the mind and heart.
We need food in our fridge
Shelter over our heads
Friends and family
I do know that you want this.

Please allow me
To offer unsolicited advice;

Turn away from the things
that make your heart say no to me
Or him or her or anyone.
We are you.
And know that bliss and joy and passion and
Having a deep romance with everything that is alive
is your absolute birthright.
It is your path
It was made just for you.
You deserve it.

Remember to see your self
In all those that you oppose.
And then forgive your own trespasses
Don’t wait for some fictional deity
To wave a magical wand over your soul
The soul is YOUR ONLY business.


Say yes to the foggy mornings223091_156393474751794_6878518120718011651_n
Skies cascading with sparkling singing geese
The peaceful smiles
The friends and love.
And like a warrior be diligent!
Turn your back and mind and heart and all your parts
On the purveyors of dismal thoughts.

The ones who love you are waiting!
They are your ally – your gift
They are here to show you who you are
Be grateful! And follow their lead
Towards what you know has always called you;




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