I think we are all stunned by the emergence and passionate backing of Donald Trump by some of the American people.  I mean – not to be rude, but Donald represents everything the rest of the world hates about America. From the vantage point of my peaceful nation  full of gentle well intentioned people – I gotta say you look ridiculous America. You are better than this.

And undoubtedly your massive uprising has something to do with your illusion that Obama was a bad president. Really? You have access to healthcare now. Bush didn’t care about your health. You have greater access to education – because that’s really important too and he just landed in Cuba bridging the last of the worlds great dissentions. No I think you’re just really racist and have been waiting for an opportunity to have a temper tantrum

 Here in Canada we are enjoying a sort of political honeymoon with our newly elected Prime Minister who has so far kicked ass on the social front, is taking no crap from any other world leader, is doing exactly what he said he would in his campaign promises and has even done more than he said by making the cabinet that advises him so magnificently socially equalized that it is a historical ground breaking precedent in advisory cabinet composition.


Meanwhile, just a few miles down the road is the USA – all hell has broken loose.

Two things here I think I`d like to share with you that may seem unrelated – but they aren’t.


First is while I was taking my B.Comm in Marketing I remember a professor telling us that one of the major differences between the way Canadians and Americans buy is that Canadians don`t like aggressive comparison. In this case he was talking about the Coke and Pepsi rivalry. In one market test they created a coke commercial that said basically Pepsi sucks Coke is Great”, and another that was one of those hippie love-in coke commercials singing “Id like to buy the world a coke…”.

Resoundingly Canadians loved the second, Americans loved the first.


This is indeed a very significant idea t hold in your mind when you are looking at the way the USA is managing this current election. Think about that.

The second thing is that while I was traveling around last year, allot of people asked me “what state” i was from, or “where in the US are you from”.  I was actually surprised at how bloody annoyed I would get. For me, that is like asking an Australian where in Britain they are from.

So they would ask me “So what’s the difference between the two countries?”.  Id tell them that the difference was that if you dialed a wrong number in Canada you were likely to have a ten minute conversation.


We already know here in Canada that compassion, honesty and social activism working in conjunction with socially responsible government is  not only empowering and incredibly powerful for the feeling of positivity in this nation, but it is leaking out all over the world, where even friends in Australia, all the way down to my Korean hairdresser in Brisbane say they admire our political structure and our “handsome and intelligent” Prime Minister.

It’s the first time in a long time that I feel some sense of national pride.I think how much I want to differentiate myself from the ideologies I see portrayed in the USA actually fuel my desire to be more Canadian.

I grew up believing national pride was critically important and helped define who you were. My father was a campaign organizer for Pierre Trudeau, one of our nations most historically loved Prime Minister’s and our current Prime Minister’s father. I grew up with men in suits and cigars in my basement, talking politics. My father would let me stay up with them and listen. I could ask questions sometimes but as young as six years old I learned to be bartender to some great minds. What was most admirable about these people was  that they were so willing to be part of the work involved in finding solutions for the problems they were seeing in our culture.   My father always told me  you could only “enact change from the inside” so I tried this. I was in university very young – 16 years old to study political science at Western with a view towards a future in politics and law.  I applied for law school at 17 but, after a summer of working with lawyers I saw clearly that this would not work for me.  I graduated at 19 with a head full of philosophy and a very confused heart. An ivory tower education is only as good as you are willing to reevaluate and throw out anything you have learned which is  no longer useful – which is most everything.


Canada has its own problems; don’t get me wrong. Just to name a few:   We have rampant racism in our French communities, we have serious infrastructure problems from lack of foresight, we have deprecated regions who have been hit terribly hard by reduction in fishing quotas and other restriction on natural resources. We have serious social problems – like how we treat our native people. But as you can see – we try and work things out peacefully. And because we are not rioting in the streets- we have the time and resources to deal with them.

And because we are not creating hate thorough our speeches and spending time and resources and energy on creating change through violence and hatred – we have the time, energy, ability and mindset to be taking some positive and necessary actions together to rectify the damage we have done to our first people and our land.

In Canada we are closer tot he land than you are in the USA. We are very lucky to have our native people still here to teach us how to heal what we have broken. That is our daily priority individually and nationally.

We spend allot of time picking our political candidates reflected according to how we want to live. Generally, you all want more: more comfort, more money, more stuff. Is the USA is a nation of spoiled angry white kids who suffer from interminable entitlement?

Because Trumps position and your support of him is what that says to us and to the world.

Entitled to more – owning more, keeping more for yourself, holding onto more. It takes allot of energy – personal and national – to build up this grand illusion.

Everything Trumps supporters believe about him has to do with what they think he has achieved – which is nothing at all. (Spoiler alert…) You can’t own land.  Have you spent your whole life paying off your mortgage?

Ouch sorry man.  Only the planet owns land.

So that means Donald doesn’t really have anything – because we can be pretty sure he hasn’t “discovered” his own true nature.  Don’t think he’s an introspective kind of guy.

SO, if you take all of Donald’s “stuff” away – what are you left with?

Fuck all.

Would you vote for him if he was a bus driver?


Because he wouldn’t be able to keep a bus driver job – he is rude and has no patience.

Would you vote for him if he was a doctor?

Seriously – can you see trump with a scalpel…eek

Would you vote for him if he was a farmer?

He couldn’t be a farmer, if he raised his voice like that all the time a bull would gore him.

OK…so why would America vote for the opposite of everything good in a human being? Why would they vote for this non-person?

Because they think they deserve something they don’t have. They want what they think HE has – which in reality – is nothing.

They complain about Obama – because they want more.  They don’t want the new healthcare system Obama is putting into place, the employment initiatives or the international peace agreements he has negotiated. Nope. They want – what?


Let me tell you what I think of 911….(&^%*&^%Q@*^!!)

I have seen with my eyes (that’s right…not YouTube…) the ABSOLUTE decimation of old and beautiful cities bombed by civil unrest and international conflict pretty much EVERYWHERE!   You think new York is so important?

What a joke.

It is however a very good example of the over inflated sense of itself that the a certain type of population in the USA. Not everyone of course – because saying that one entire culture had one attribute…WOULD BE RACIST. .

Face it – New York is just a small tiny brand new baby not even relevant to the history of this planet – other than it got a building knocked down a few citizens suffered (karma??) as a result of the arrogance of the political and economic structures that they so haughtily and ignorantly support.

Please.  Stop whining.  Right now.

Look at what your bombs have done to 2000 year old religious art in Iraq for example…?

I often think about writing about Trump – just because it is healthier to get it out on paper than end up taking anti psychotic medication. But then today I realized – Trump is awesome. Trump is amazing in fact!
(Canadians like to make ugly things nice…)

This morning on the news I saw the streets of big cities on a Monday filled with rallying PEACE ACTIVISTS!!


I thought  “wow! Trump is a moron but he is MAKING you take action and he is MAKING you define yourselves.”

My conclusions after a life time of politics:

Peace is power.

Hatred is a loosing proposal

Canada rocks.

We can help…Just give us a call 😉






Dear America…

A Poem for Peace in America

indexI don’t know who you are or what you do.
I don’t know the colour of your skin,
Or what elevates you,
Or makes you cry,
On warm summer nights,
when the rain falls softly ,
And the coyotes dance in the field
Soft dew sliding down the side of the places you dwell.
I just know we have all danced in this rain.

I don’t know what food tastes like on your tongue,
Or the heat of a kiss on your lips.
I don’t know what it was like for you to hold a child,
And see the eternal quiet in limpid pools of dark blue newness.
I just know we all have seen this.

I don’t know what it felt like for you,
When your heart was broken
And you thought you couldn’t live another day
With the one taken away by the grief of change
I just know we have all had our hearts break.

I don’t know what compels you
To follow harsh and hating men
Who bring you further from what you seek.
All you really know it is only love,
But your mind has become foggy
Only re-membering (reassembling indeed!)
Can cure what ails us .
I don’t know what has made your heart black
I just know that’s not the Truth.

I know that we all wake up in the morning
Looking for our first comfort
In a companion or a book
Or a cup of tea.
I know we all want thiswith caralin an dbill and sara in Old Orchard beach.
The Peaceful knowing of a safe landing
For the mind and heart.
We need food in our fridge
Shelter over our heads
Friends and family
I do know that you want this.

Please allow me
To offer unsolicited advice;

Turn away from the things
that make your heart say no to me
Or him or her or anyone.
We are you.
And know that bliss and joy and passion and
Having a deep romance with everything that is alive
is your absolute birthright.
It is your path
It was made just for you.
You deserve it.

Remember to see your self
In all those that you oppose.
And then forgive your own trespasses
Don’t wait for some fictional deity
To wave a magical wand over your soul
The soul is YOUR ONLY business.


Say yes to the foggy mornings223091_156393474751794_6878518120718011651_n
Skies cascading with sparkling singing geese
The peaceful smiles
The friends and love.
And like a warrior be diligent!
Turn your back and mind and heart and all your parts
On the purveyors of dismal thoughts.

The ones who love you are waiting!
They are your ally – your gift
They are here to show you who you are
Be grateful! And follow their lead
Towards what you know has always called you;




LEAP! (a poem)


Take the leap,
Into the space that is in your mind,
The place that you have built over time,
Into a magnificent structure that one could climb.
Like taking the smallest of your tender toes,
Slightly edging it over the steep rocky face,
You find yourself perched precariously upon.

Staring out over your wide open life,
Looking straight ahead you search,
With one toe,
Then another,
Until you feel the slightest crag of stone.
Cold and jagged ,
You grasp it with the edge of your feet,
And slide down to extend yourself,
Into the next space you cannot see past.

A Week To Live

What would you do if you only had a week to live?  My horse Big Mac does. he is scheduled for euthanasia Thursday afternoon.

Mac and I have been fighting his cancer for many years.  he is one of those BIG BIG BIG horses, with a gentle heart and a pale skin colouring that causes a condition which erodes the eye lids with cancer. he certainly did not deserve what happened to him, but then again, who does?

So I have been talking to him, telling him what a good boy he is. I wonder if he hears it in my throat?

they say humans are the only living creation that actually know they are going to die. In fact, many theologies and philosophies theorize that every human fear can be boiled down to an ultimate attribution of fear of death; meaning, somewhere in your subconscious you are having a running dialogue about how how you have to avoid death.

Here in the west we are taught very strangely about death. First we spend our entire lives seeking incredible amounts of comfort, we avoid pain and illness and suffering at all costs.  We surround ourselves with technology, and do everything in our power to keep our minds running on and on and on.  But we don’t actually known what we are thinking and why we are running…we’re just running. Doesn’t that sound insane? but its what most of us do!  Only when the mind stops thinking chattering projecting and reflecting, only then do you get a chance to meet your actual self, and the actual isn’t afraid of anything cause it knows everything. So are making choices all the time that reflect fears we don’t even know we have.

Horses make choices in the moment – as though they are in a constant state of meditation or presence.  In my forty years with horses it is my ultimate wish to be able to be simply as present as they are.

Many Asian cultures have a daily ritual of meditation in groups or with the family Meditation, for humans, is the deliberate act of quieting the mind. The irony of this is that we humans have to really work hard to get into a state of perfect presence – being in the moment, but animals like Mac do it quite naturally, always just watcghing an observing, not projecting or predicting, not fearing or thinking about the past and being sad or regretful.

I learn about presence and how to live in a fearless way from my animals, and mostly Mac. While I have had my mother and other friends and family members who have become very sick with the disease or have died – Mac has continued on.

he has taught me about just being happy in this moment.


Here are just a few of the things my friend mac has taught me:

  • Keep it simple
  • eat good food
  • Listen to the crunching noises
  • Watch birds fly in the sky
  • Stand quietly in a ray of sunshine
  • Shelter myself when it gets windy and cold
  • Stand with friends for increased warmth
  • trust your instinct
  • take care of each other
  • be patient
  • love without expectation or condition

I wonder what people would do if they knew the exact time and date of their death?

I suspect mass chaos, and every attempt to avoid the inevitable.  Even in our blissful ignorance, we mostly go around ignoring the fact that the inevitable is on its way, whether you like it or not. We don’t prepare” ourselves – sometimes preferring to go through life as a vacuous mass of untamed unconsciousness; like dashing through a tree filled forest with blinders on.

But what if you knew? Would you make changes, phone calls, write letters?  All of those things would be in reference to some place in the past I bet – sorry, I wish, maybe…

One of my oldest friends told me Saturday she has decided to stop chemo treatments. She doesn’t want to leave this place with pain and sickness – i think she is so brave I didn’t know what to say.  My heart hurts when I think of her not here with me. I’m selfish that way. but i know we are all heading to the same “place” which is no place at all except right here.

I think animals already know that – sot here would be no use in them knowing about their death because perhaps it wouldn’t faze them. maybe they know already that what they are just sort of continues, like a wave folding itself back into the ocean.


Animals sometimes know when terrible things are going to happen and I don’t think Mac knows – but he knows something is up. I can tell you he is happy, in the field with Lily and Bentley the two retired racehorses.  They go down a few times a day to inspect all the delicious spring greens just beginning to poke their heads out of the earth.

Mac is in the winter of his life, but will be going out in the spring. We will put him in the earth here and wait for him to come back in some other way that we can be together again.

If this was the last week of my life

I know exactly what I would do.

I would be more like my old horse Mac

I would eat delicious food

and love and laugh and dance

every morning.

Over tea

and and old friend and memories

that sustain me even when I have lost my mind.

I would tell the tales that need telling

To my children and grandchildren

I would enjoy my incredible friends,

with smiles and talks and late nights

I would love the sun

and stand very still in her rays

just like big mac showed me to do.

The spring rays

that have come to wipe away winter’s chill

and illness and sadness and loneliness.

I wouldn’t spend any time on those.

If I had a week to live

I would stand very still

very very still

in the rays of the sun

just so  I would  find myself back here

in some way

so we can enjoy each other again.


With love and gratitude to all of you who have helped, supported and loved Mac as we have.  On Thursday you can hold him in your heart for a few minutes send him off with love.