This morning I awoke

in a mountain atop a cloud

the wild geese in their temperate refuge

sang the first song of the day.

The smell of the rain and fresh morning air

snapped me back into rapid awareness

of where I was

and what I was doing. Here.

I could not have told you I would be here two weeks ago –

in this mountain amongst musical friends

pushing hard at clouds that had settled long ago

soft and damp perched precariously atop furry trees.

To my great surprise.

The day went fast,

as it usually does when I am busy in the throws of

the ins and outs

the ups and downs.

This is where I



Has chosen to settle my own feet and heart

to create what i was made for

to do my part.

imagine create a life where none was foreseen?

I bet you can even dream

You have been taight

be a good girl good boy good good good


It’s all a story-lie not-very-funny-indeed

wake up-to school-to learn-to man-to child-in need

Love has no requirement,

Even if you thought it did.

Then…while you are asleep

the Insides

The solid place you used to abide

Become steeped in disappointment

From the stories you have composed your very own self.

And the soul is certainly

Hardened again and again and again

With the trading winds of regret.


When you are lost in the center of that

unbreakable mass that has masqueraded as

the best version of yourself

It is no wonder you become lost in

the reason rhyme and purpose.

But that doesn’t make sense.

And so

you are required to set off the


just to find your own little way back.

But that doesn’t matter really.

Only THIS does.

Only the longing and need to become something BIGGER

Something EXCEPTIONAL and beyond what your parents described

In the invisible box of your promising future.

Hell no! (good for you!)

YOU said.

Although the smaller parter of you doth protest

You chose a YES when you decided to say

Hello instead.

ANd that DOES matter because it changes everything.

Because now you finally know that

What matters is only where your longing sits right now


at this moment.

In your skin,

your Mind

In your feet or your ass

get up and just CHOOSE IT.

Because the longing is

In time

I cannot be in the timeless

Where no such sadness exists.


in your home?

Find home in yourself,

hearts all up on that shelf.

Now in the cool mountain air

with only time and my two hands

it’s all about the music…

and how it begins.

with a quiet but certain


Maybe you were thinking of throwing it all away

into the wind and seeing where the chips would lay

or perhaps more likely

collide and collapse the pictures of your youth mind

Finally awaken to the soul’s rhyme.

Or maybe you thought you could

buy your way out of it

and avoid it all?

Many many have tried.

If they are lucky

they just died.

I have always said

“grow where you are planted”

But maybe I was wrong?

That makes no sense either.

Just take this trip with me

the brave adventure

and decide if you will choose this life

or put it off AGAIN

and again

like you have.

Do you want to walk

Into the desert or the mountains?

Until there are no more answers

or questions.

Of course you do.







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