Follow the sun (Farewell, Portsea)

Worth the surprise

How interesting travelling is.
You make plans, try to predict the unpredictable, search constantly for a home and,
of course,
you end up surrendering to the unknown, changing all the plans (and making new ones you’ll probably change as well, probably in  an impulsive decision of following your soul), misunderstanding all the paths

that were only taking you in a direction that wasn’t meant for you. Your adventurous heart, always exploring beyond its limits.
But this world will guide you to the right place
the right person
the right experience
if you let it.

Portsea wasn’t in my plans. Melbourne was. My two hosts cancelled so I had to find another one… I don’t want to go to a hostel. I want to see how people live, meet them and exchange stories, give them a hand around the house…
Searching on HelpX (an internet site based on exchanging help for…

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