Follow Your Song

sun_light_energyThis was a day

of tightly closed doors,

open wide windows,

and really lots more.

So, let’s block the hallway,

Make solid stairs,

This is a day of,

“I really don’t cares”.

Admit it.

We all like these days,

They make us feel better,

Moving forward somehow,

Like words in need of letters.

Call to the stars,

My brother and sisters,

Listen carefully to the wind,energy clearing  painting

For it speaks only in whispers.

Ground your feet deep

Into the earth,

and to a new vision,

you will give birth.

Be true to yourself,

And the spaces you keep,

find the fire inside,

and always dig deep.

Keep your heart open wide,ON SURRENDER

to hearing your part,

you can’t go wrong,

when you follow your heart,

You know can’t go wrong,

when you follow your heart.

You know…

Moving forward is the natural affair of hu-man

No matter what the time,

cause or space – can’t or can ,

We are all moving from one to another plan.

never does anything really stand still,

somehow we are all falling down some old forgotten hill.

Ride the wave, I have been toldOcean-waves-1

Have some fun,

Before you get old,

There ain’t nothing here,

that can really go untold.

Don’t hold the world,

On  your small shoulders

let go of the past

And put down that boulder.

Look to get inspired,

to you own hearts desire789

till you run out of tears

throw your self in the water.

Hail down by the sea,

Hail to the sea and the city down under

I’ve come to wash my heart

you can’t go wrong

when you follow your song

You know can’t go wrong,

when you follow your song


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