indexToday was a rain day-

A dream day

A “whisper worries away day”.

Blissfully soaked and quiet,

a shivering hush of whispering wind

taps on my window

like an old friend.

To her pen she says

“I remember the day you loved me”rainydayswallpapercollectionseriesone01

when the rain came in buckets and droves!

Where falling leaves and branches,

Made impassable roads.

Trees stacked themselves up against the onslaught,

of sudden and fierce the winds,

thought and consideration erased from within.

Likely clearing the trees,

making them ready for sleep,

images33For the winter is cold

and the freezing goes deep.

And once again,

Just like back then

The rain falls.

Birds nestled under wings

on days like these,

prefer not to sing.

Cradled in safe places,

High above the earth,

Lofty in their perch.

Let their songs

run wild through empty minds,

come to rest and fill empty spaces!

Beautiful-Birds-in-Rain-WallpaperSilly rain soaked birds,

High up in the trees,

Come into the sun

won’t you please?

Writers take to their pens

where they try to mend

Something that cannot be named

with a word or thought.

So we sit back and wait.

After all…

Today is a rain day.



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