Music, to me, is Unity.

beautiful and true 😉

Rik Roe: Words & Pictures


Music, like life, in my want is very simply led. To be enjoyed, to be cherished, to be remembered, but most of all relished.

Be it with family.

Be it with friends.

Be it alone.

No matter which, through either  of these 3 measures, Mind, Spirit, and Heart must be engaged, and rallied in what I simply have found termed as…


At my achieved age, tolerance combined with knowledge and experience, has rendered me susceptible to certain patience and impatiences in life that have caused change and rendered decisions that a younger-self wouldn’t have done. A less experienced man would be more prone to be more accepting and more harmonious, riding the wave of “drama” that young hearts and younger minds enjoy.

That requires effort and time that is ill-afforded, and laudable; and more of a cause for distinction and separation than achieving the harmony that is more achieved…

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