Not Alone

bridge starsAs the moon turns her back

I sit on the cold track,

awaiting the fate

That barrels down fast.

Pulling my knees to my chest,

Maybe it would be best

Just to lay here

and let it all happen.

But there is more.

We are all alone.

My hand reaches out for the warm

familiar soft touch to my face

slow keening breath –

Dark velvet covering hot love.

We are all together.

The only truth in this moment

There is no other.

Not really.

Run from the side that tells you

You cannot ride or fly or cry

It is just a lie!

We are all alone.

In a slick liquid twist of the story-

Like a politician’s platform

Made true so you believe

what you need to,

In this convenient moment,

We are all alone.

Go hide in your liquid dream then,

Behind your busy life –

Identity life-

Important life –

Your Life.

It’s the only reality you want.

Stop complaining.

Make choices.

I will watch –

as my mind reaches for answers

it never had the questions for.

Because you know…

We are not alone.


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