“The Book of life has music in it – in fact that’s where music comes from”, says Peter Gabriel.

Any blues singer worth half her salt can tell you that a certain amount of emotional turmoil and personal pain is completely necessary to the palatability and enjoy ability of your music. A dear friend of mine once said

“If I cant find any chaos, I’m going to create some myself”,

She said, objecting to the complacent boredom of a quiet uneventful life.

Chaos, and trying to overcome life’s obstacles is what we come together for in music.  We look for hope in the sublime sounds that can only be created in a room of kindred souls.

Musicians are magicians


We are trying to create the possibility of something with music and  we NEED the experiences and emotions that life’s normal ups and downs bring us as our ingredients.

Otherwise,  what would we have to play music about.


Let’s face the fact that we don’t tend to write music as much about positive emotions as much as tumultuous ones, like heart ache and sadness, pain and longing.


Why? because, we want to relate to each others pain so we can feel better. Together. That’s why God didn’t put us on the planet on our own little individual islands –  we need each other and relating through some form is one of the most delicious parts of being a human. Music is a primary method of making that happens for both the musician and the music listener.

Music truly feeds off of life.  And how we consume that understanding is part of what we call free will – its all up to you.

In Western Culture music has turned violent, angry, sad and it is  SCREAMING because we our children felt unheard. we have forgotten how to talk to each other, and more importantly how to listen.

So often, we don’t know how to understand each other,. Music is our portal of understanding. Pain is the sound of our common experience.


OK its true…Life is suffering but really, Happy survival is a great goal.

Music is our tool for that too.  Shared pain is the canvas of our mutual understanding. Happiness cant exist without understanding yourself.

Music does that too.

Where other things in life maybe suffer from emotional pain music expands and grows wildly from our “interior disturbances”…like fertilizer that feeds the garden of life’s experiences, emotional strife is permissibly expressed in the west.

In truth, Musicians crave life’s experiences.

We might say that we want peace and quiet and for everything tow work out, but really, we don’t.

Although we would never admit that out loud.

Good music has never been made by a completely sane person.

MUSICIANS ARE SO LUCKY BECAUSE , unlike normal day job earthlings who have to show up and be “emotionally controlled” in their work lives –


Keep on rockin – all together…




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