The Little Christmas Spirit

maidenPeople talk about the Christmas Spirit as though she is an inanimate thing, an object – a myth or even possibly a brief state of mind.  But this simply isn’t true.  The Christmas Spirit is very much more than this and I think you should know.

The fact is, The Christmas Spirit was born in a time much before we existed, in a place where everything lived in harmony and peace. And from the very beginning of it all, the Little Spirit loved music.  The galaxy was her playground and her teachers were the stars.  She flitted from one to another happily soaking in the unique song that emanated from each. Some were filled with fire and heat, others were smooth with ice.  Each song told a story; some made her cry and some made her laugh with joy. The Little Spirit loved all the sounds and one after another she came to know the Universe as her school and her family.

But the Little Spirit longed to find her own song and be like the stars which each had their sound so unique that they could burst open the center of the universe and create a fire like they did!

So pondering this question one day in her travels, she came upon a little blue planet spinning lazily around a brightly shining star.  She stopped at it for a while, curious as to why the little planet had so little light coming from it.  Then she realized that for the first time, she had found a place which had no music and seemed like a candle to be extinguishing itself. Curious, the little spirit listened for the sounds that came from this place.  She saw the landscape below thirsty for water and care.  She witnessed the destruction of forests and oceans. She heard the crying of mothers and children as fathers and brothers were sent to war. She heard the angry voices of fear. She had never heard or seen such things.

She watched as things were built, and torn down and as all things came and went. She watched herds and flocks move like beautiful symphonies across the landscape and terrains of the planet – only to come to fateful ends. The beauty she saw made her heart grow strong with her own song and the destruction made her confused and sad.  The Little Spirit watched with rapt attention as the stories of man unfolded and one by one she saw the beauty in the impermanence of everything that was.  She saw how everything unfolded into eternity and came back into being as exactly as it was meant to be, and she heard a song growing inside of her.

Something magical was happening!  With every heartbreak, a new song came forth and now longed to share it.   She began to dance around the people then, her song bursting forth from her heart seeping into the landscape of the earth, but no one heard her little song.  Their hearts were too full of their troubles and they could not hear yet.

Through the summer and the long hot months, the Little spirit continued though, pushing forth on to each person she met, dancing about enticingly, singing her joyful songs of hope and peace brought forth from what she had seen and the teaching of the starts themselves!  But still, no one could hear her.  And so, the Little Spirit decided she would need the help of some great allies to help these beings to hear the music they needed to heal their hearts. She went back out into the stars and one by one she relayed stories of what she had seen on the little planet; people in despair, reaping destruction on their world and each other because of their confusion.  They did not know the love they came from!  They did not know they were the children of the stars their very selves!

And so a great council was called forth for the first time in many aeons.  Around the table sat the greatest of all the Universal Minds. The Little Spirit told her story of concern to the council, urging that something be done before the beings of the little blue planet destroyed themselves and the beauty that existed in that place. The council quickly agreed and so a plan was developed. But they would have to wait until the time was right – when the people would be ready.

Then came the Dark Night – the blackest of all times when the length of night exceeded the day. A time when the light is best seen.

On this night, world stood still, and the stars saw that they could begin their song. Rising up came a symphony unlike any that been heard before by the stars. It told the stories of people on the little blue planet – of their love and hope and goodness.  It told of all the things that had been seen by the Christmas Spirit.  And as all the parts came together she knew she had found her song and she joined in the chorus.  The song began far out in a place as yet unheard by man but is the foundation of all song. The sound built up one crystal- perfect harmony at a time until everything that existed in all universes began to resonate and dance gleefully with the moving melody.  There was no beginning middle or end to it as it pierced through all of space and time built in a crescendo of extraordinary pure sound until finally reaching the little planet with a resounding wave of hope and light.

The Little Spirit saw what her song was doing and she rejoiced!  Children smiled, mothers sang.  Soldiers put down their guns enemies embraced.  Arguments were put aside and gifts were exchanged.  Babies laughed, families ate meals and took comfort in each other. The song was beautiful.        And on this night the Little Spirit saw a hush come over the land – a reverence for the silence and song of celebration; a putting aside of differences and opinion and an opening of the heart which she had not yet seen before on such a grand scale!  The Little Spirit knew then that she had found her song. Her heart filled with a fullness she had not yet known and she loved the world for this.

The Christmas Spirit continues to travel in and out of homes from one heart to another throughout the year ~ but it is still around the darkest night that she and her universal chorus are best heard. You will know her song has touched your heart in every act of compassion and kindness you perform in each day.  In this way you are joining in on the song of the stars. For the Little Spirit left behind a gift for each person she has touched –  a tiny fragment of her joyful song which in your darkest nights, can be heard when you open your heart and listen to the special  song of the Little Christmas Spirit.



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