The Sentence

floating_dream_bridge__by_instant_idiot-d304pnf1.jpgSometimes writing is easy for me, and sometimes it’s not.  And at other times, the only way to begin again is simply to just – begin again. So I tried to inspire myself and find a new method of expression – I came up with an electronic tablet. A curious, fascinating and distracting little toy I decided right away I would begin to learn how to write on. As I was trying to figure out all the options, my original idea of sitting down to write was long gone in the fun of pushing buttons and shifting screens and paying demo videos. All my best intentions lost in a haze of brain numbing technology so I thought to myself – “I wonder what would have happened had the tablet been available to Shakespeare?”  Here’s what I came up with…



Falling down into it,

Let the hesitation of thought,

The interruption of the natural curvature of a phrase,

New fangled bedazzled,

Images into taps on a virtual screen

In this nearly real world.

Here I wonder …

”Had been his only option,

Would William have impaled himself so willingly,Image

On his old Quill?

Would Mohammed have been commanded by the angels

To call his Divine Programmer,

And draw his mighty prose?

Sketching it,

Upon something so small and colourless

As Bits and Bytes?

A description of GodImage

In this approximate flowchart of near existence.

I doubt it. Seriously?

But you must admit that

There IS something remarkably mighty

About the electric thought

That thunders from your heart

Cascading though unbidden,

Spilling forth ink on pulp.


Here is how we have connected Image

Heart to heart ~ Soul to soul

Throughout all of time!

Perhaps in different ways,

This is just another of the same.

We will always find a way to see

All words are like exquisite trees,

Rooted only in what we see.



This is the voice of Reason.

Will there be a time?

Where finger’s tip

Replaces pen and ink?

So, What would be lost then?

Are we not more effective with autocorrect? Image

And as for the prime directive?

Why do we even try?

The past is so unreal ~

And the future just flew by.


Forgive me if I sound like my parents;

Five miles barefoot ‘n all,

But the future looms dark,

And we are all in for a great fall.

So let brothers be brothers,

And sisters abide.

Wherever you can,

Let your own song take flight.


These are the things we are given to learn with, Image

Whether with pen and ink

In the dark as we think.

The day may come

When we will be silenced.

But for now, pen in hand –

We will continue our sentence.









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