SEVENTH CHAKRA – Reaching High

Seventh Chakra – Retreat Preparation –

Retreat Scheduled for:  Sunday October 6, 2013

 The Sahasrara is described as having 1,000 multi-coloured petals which are arranged in 20 layers, each of them with approximately 50 petals. The pericarp is golden and a circular moon region is inscribed on it with a downward pointing triangle

The crown chakra represents our connection to the divine. The physical manifestation of the portal of communication between our human life and our spiritual life lays in the receptivity of this area of the body.  Our mental focus and understanding of its functioning cannot make it open.  The opening of the crown chakra is an act of grace- brought about by your willingness to hear and ability to receive Divine guidance.

The journey to the top of our existence begins in the Kundalini arising – the root chakra.  It journeys upwards as we move from one level of understanding to another.  Inner work requires focus and dedication, and you have achieved this.

We have looked at emotions, and how we function as people within the context of those emotions. We have become more conscious of our bodies and the connection that we have to every living thing. As we have worked on the different aspects of these chakras, we have increased overall our awareness of who and what we are. We have discovered that we are divine and a substantial powerful part of everything that is alive.

Then we have tried to bring this understanding back into our “regular” lives.  Our understanding of ourselves as spiritually relevant entities can sometimes be sidetracked by our involvement in the human aspect of our lives- our dramas and stories. We have learned to laugh and cry together through these stories. They are how we learn about ourselves.

Over time, through willingness and practice, meditation quiet and focus, you have learned that you can only control how you perceive your life, how you participate in it, and how you interact with your own thoughts.

You have learned about control and non-control.  Holding and releasing. You have seen that releasing can give us more freedom than holding.

Now, the crown chakra asks that you release – completely. That you turn your life over to the possibility that the universe is (and always has been) completely guiding you, your thoughts and actions to a place where you can come to know and love yourself as it does.

We have walked a long path together.  I have asked you to do many things – to stretch past yourself and look at the possibility at what there is to believe in around you.  Maybe what we can believe in cannot always be seen felt or heard?  The crown chakra asks you to open your mind to this possibility.

And then let go.

It will ask you to let go of all of the preconceived notions you have ever had about your life.

The crown chakra will show you that eternity exists in every single moment.

It will show you that you are here for something very awesome, magical and waiting to be discovered.

The crown chakra is the voice of the God and Goddess inside of you.  It is your internal guidance system and the portal of communication between the part of you that is eternal and the part of you that is living this experience now.

The path to it is in experiencing the present moment deeply and intensely.

In the study of the past chakras you have learned about the importance of honouring your self- knowledge. Through journaling, meditative walking, quiet interaction hands on a horse, breathe, yoga, colourful Mandala expression – you have seen that you can be present in the moment.  All you have to do to return to this experience is to remember it was possible once, and some, it is possible again.

The crown chakra opening is not always an easy experience. It requires that we lose our judgment of everything and everyone.  This is difficult for most people, but must become a primary part of your spiritual practice in order for you to achieve Crown chakra consciousness.  The trick will be in recognizing that the arrival of this consciousness is not up to you – only remaining open to the possibility, Meditation is an important tool in remaining focused and open to the possibility of higher consciousness.  Some religions call this “enlightenment”.

It is my belief that the more people who focus on and experience crown chakra opening, the more we will find a way to save the earth and unite our minds and hearts in purposeful and peaceful effort.  Thank you for beginning this journey with us here at WillowCreek.  The journey continues throughout our lives. There is no graduation certificate, and the more you learn, the more you will want to understand.

And so, you have reached this end place where we only find that we must begin again:

Muladhara: Everything begins at the root. Each day must be awakened with an awareness of where your roots are and where you are grounded on this earth – in this time in this place

Swadhisthana: The second focus is on our day and how we spend our living time. Are you creative and using the best parts of yourself to move forward with positive creative energy?

Manipura: The third center focusing on our emotions located in the solar plexus. Again body awareness can help us know if we are feeling a distracting emotion. Emotions, we have learned, are often our needs demanding to be fulfilled. This chakra asks us to be are of and honour our need for emotional awareness and fulfillment.

Anahata: The fourth is our elemental voice – the essence of how we speak and communicate. How truthful can we be if we don’t understand how our past has impacted us and our current choices? We asked ourselves if we were able to ask for what we needed from the people in our lives. Many of us struggled with understanding what our important basic needs were.  This awareness helps us make better decisions for ourselves and healthy boundaries where we need them.

Vishuddha: The fifth chakra began to focus our awareness on the love that we express in our lives. Did we have feelings or emotions which blocked the heart from its highest ability to express love and compassion?   One of my favorite facts from the research on this chakra was that, of all of the signals that flow between heart and mind in a day, over 80% of them actually come from the heart to the mind, and not the other way around.  We talked about how feelings of resentment and anger could block the heart from fully expressing itself. The heart is the center point of the chakras.  It is the balance where we can experience life in its fullest sense.  It is the center of our survival as physical beings.

Ajna: The sixth chakra began our discussion on higher consciousness.  The unseen world of Spirit.  For many, a great leap of faith.   We began to open our minds and shared in an exchange of the sense of intuition we had.  Everyone has this ability, few of us are conscious enough to use it.  The fifth chakra asks us to be more alert, awake and aware of the signs that the universe sends us to help guide us in making positive forward creative choices for ourselves.  The importance of meditation is stressed in all stages of understanding.

Sahasrara: The seventh chakra then, is the jumping off place, as they say.  Will you walk your talk? Can these beliefs and understandings you have gained be translated into affecting th ewy yuor daily life moves. Will you take all this information and simply let it sit in your head, not allowing it to traverse to your heart and change the way your life moves?

Free will is our gift from the Universe. We can choose to live in the flow of life – or outside of it. Once we are aware that this flow exists – then the choice becomes a conscious one.

It takes courage to live the convictions of understanding that your life is bigger than you could have imagined it.  You are one of billions of manifestations of the universe.  What an awesome thought. You have a spark of God, INSIDE OF YOU. And it is accessible to you, whenever you need it.

How will you use your spark?

Thank you for walking this path with us.  We look forward to our continued journey.



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