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Lateral Love

We are starting a fevolution @ SevGen. Enterprise-Education-Entrepreneurship. A model for the world!

A ‘revolution’ conjures up feelings of conflict. An ‘evolution’ feels peaceful but is far too slow for the urgency that is needed. What we need is a fast evolution fevolution…


Join the SevGen ‘fevolution’!

Out of the mouth of one of our passionate supporters:

“Attention Everyone who believes in individuality.. If your a free thinker, if you question the system, if your not prepared to stomach the bullshit that the education system hand feeds each growing and new generation then have a read of this, and share it. SevGen is the hope of the future accommodating to each individuals personal style, without squishing them into societies mould”

The Need


Drawing on well researched evidence that the current education system does not cater for a staggering 70% of us (also see video below), our campaign will get you…

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2 thoughts on “Organisations Doing Good Things ~ SevGen

  1. Thankyou for the support. We are stepping boldly into adventurous concepts. One of our mantras Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Lieve, Be Beiber!
    Please keep personally reaching out to help us achieve our goal. 14 days only to reach our goal or we get zip.


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