Sun Blasts and Big Changes

solarfilamentMaybe it has come to your attention that there were some very serious solar flares which erupted from the sun on Wednesday. Over the course of the next few days the effects of the fallout will be hitting earth. Scientists at NASA claim that it will not affect humans. I find this ridiculous. They must think we are really stupid.

This explosion is powerful enough that it will actually CHANGE THE SHAPE of the magnetic field of the earth’s atmosphere. And in a side bar the “experts” at NASA are insisting that this MASSIVE Nuclear explosion will “have no effect on humans” – other than the possibility that your gaming or texting may be interrupted. To make things worse, there are many people who are actually going to believe that this is true: That it is possible to have this level of nuclear radiation blasted at the place we live, and not be affected by it.

I think there is a time and place where each individual has to learn to think for themselves and see the obvious that is in our faces. As much as people go through an evolution to independent thinking, so must the planet as a whole. This is surely one of those times when we must be very aware that we know better than to believe that such an event will not have an effect on us as people and the living things on the planet.

Since we are all made up of energy, and since the sun is blasting energy, I would assume that such a thing would affect everything in our physiology. I would be remiss to make any major decisions in the next few days. Nor will I be relying on anyone’s flash emotions.

Today may just be a good day for everyone to take a moment and send out a prayer of intention to the planet and to all of the things that are alive and living on it. And begin today to be guided by your OWN intuition about what is true or not true in our world. Science has fallen behind the reality of what we are experiencing long ago and their decisions and conclusions are often no longer in our best interest or the best interest of the planet.

I’ll get off my soap box now and go find my sunglasses….


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