Magic of life ~ Ajna

third_eyeSixth Chakra Thoughts…

Over the course of the past 6 months and through all of the stages in each of the chakras we have studied, I am discovering that there are certain common conclusions we have arrived at.   First, we have concluded that our lives are ever-changing and the more we learn about ourselves the more empowered we become to understand what we do and do not have control over in our lives.  In order to live a peaceful happy life, knowing what is and is not in our control, what we can and cannot help or hinder – is critically important to our peace of mind.  In other words, we are finding that recognizing where our “powerlessness” lays, can give us a real opportunity to use a greater power that resides within each of us. That is; our intuitive power.

  • Intuition is the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference (*Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online)




KNOW YOUR POWER! When I ask what the most important thing in their lives many women I have spoken to have answered that it is the happiness of their children.   I often reflect on this answer because, I know it is the socially acceptable answer. I was raised in a way that taught that a good mother was self-sacrificing and gave it all up for her children. However in the raising of my own cornucopia of kids – I didn’t quite see it like this.  And I loved them enough to follow my intuition as best as I could.  It became apparent that I couldn’t teach them what I wasn’t doing for myself.  I couldn’t tell them to go and do what made them happy – if I was sitting at home all day unfulfilled crying with depression.  I also discovered that obviously I couldn’t MAKE them happy as I had tried and failed repeatedly and miserably.

I could only show them the way. But how do you show someone the way to go somewhere you have never been?

This meant that I had to get MYSELF happy – make my own path and find the things in my life that brought me bliss.   This was a difficult transition for my family at first because I stopped doing some of the things I was doing which I wasn’t enjoying. They were older now and could handle this.  I decided only to do things for people for the right reasons.  Doing it because I was expected to just wasn’t working for me. I had created that expectation after all. SO, now I would uncreate it. For example,  I stopped cooking dinner unless I wanted to for the right reasons.  I began meditating every day and became centered into my “self”.  And my kids – now older, are gracious and centered simply awesome human beings – who can all cook really well.  They seem to be easily and quite naturally in touch with their own sense of intuition. Centered inside their being, they don’t have the issues my generation had of “finding” themselves. Ask any one of them – they will tell you exactly where they are.

Intuition is that aspect of our selves that can help us make decisions based on something greater than the sum total of our conscious and unconscious thinking.  Intuition is a directive from the Universe.  It is a strong guiding feeling that can lead us to a more serene and peaceful way of living and seeing our lives.



Horses live within a constant sense of their own intuition. Because animals in general live in the moment, existing not in the past r future, they are so finely tuned with their intuition that they do not have the capacity for rational thought.  Rational thought, for a horse, or any other animal, surely mean death. In this retreat will practice some free journaling and writing practices in the field with the herd, introducing awake meditative and silent observation with a focus on BE-ing like a horse…in presence.

lily and jo in arena

For a human, “rational thought” is often the greatest impediment to connecting with the Ajna.  These thought bring us doubt fear remorse guilt and a variety of other un[productive unconscious emotions.  Intuition assists us to become conscious of these feelings. Intuition becomes blocked by things like fear, jealousy, anger, resentment. That is why doing the work that we have done on the previous 5 chakras is so important.  One thing leads to another and with the release of each newly illuminated aspect of yourself, you will find your intuition open in ways you could never have imagined.

Intuition is the magic of life.  It is our co-creative potentiality. Our formal interplay with the Divine.  We were created to have this exchange, and so, Buddhist philosophy would say that each experience in your life which has caused you distress and thus to change and shift, has moved you ever closer to this place of higher connection between you and the source that intended you into being.  It is a truly awesome experience to feel that communion.

At first trying to listen to our intuition can lead to all sorts of interesting outcomes.  It can be hit and miss, because just like every other conscious skill it must be practiced and applied in a wide variety of life experience for you to begin to trust your own self and what you feel and hear within.

Maybe it come sin the form of a random meeting, a phone call, something you read, a song on the radio or just a sudden thought or idea in your head – intuition can speak to you in innumerable ways.  All you have to bring with you is the willingness to listen and the door is open.  You will see that meditation and quiet is very key to connecting with this source within yourself.

I remember when I first became aware of wanting to try to make choices with my intuition –   I rashly quit a good job because I “felt” there was something else calling me.  The phone didn’t ring. Neither did the doorbell. There were no “signs” there was nothing. Just the angry lady at the unemployment office every week. Sadly – or so I thought –  I remained unemployed for about 6 months as I watched a disastrous unforeseen econimic plunge in the job market hit Canada eventually leading me to a lower paying which I soon left actually – for an entirely better life! My intuition told me that something would happen – but what happened was not at all what I expected.  Our expectations are often a source of conflict within us.  In using our intuition we have to learn to ‘Do the footwork and let go of the results”, as my mother is fond of saying.  If you can practice this, then I guarantee you the results will be better than any you could have imagined.

Life is magic.

When things seem to be falling down all around your feet, instead of keeping your head down and staring at your shoes, you may want to try just being present and aware of your body, just take a breath and a moment to not be in your head.  Stop your thinking by focusing on your thoughts.  Just let them pass, and allow yourself to be reminded that YOU are not in charge and YOU will be guided to your next place.  You don’t need to control everything. Actually, you don’t need to control ANYTHING. Do you believe me? Are you relieved?

When times are rough – this is when you should make the greatest effort to make no effort and to just BE.  Sit still – and don’t react, don’t make decisions, don’t have conversations.  Just be.  And have faith that the Source that keeps everything spinning and turning and working in one gigantic amazing synchronous mass – can manage your hydro bill or your marital problems. You don’t need to fix it al today. Ahhh….what a relief! 🙂

Intuition will come to you as you quiet within.  In this retreat we will focus on some pituitary yoga practices which help us to focus on the Ajna chakra.  Our menu will include the colors indigo and red to keep us connected to root and source.

Intuition is the magic of life.  Enjoy your day.



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