My Soul’s Portraits

Just a quick follow up. Here is what i came up with following the directions from my previous entry on How to Create your Soul’s Portrait using some very ancient directions.

jo mandala 1jo mandala 2

here they are…the first two. I will keep working this and try and lose my “preconceptions” of the shapes. I find I am working in few circles…too many angles. Not sure..

really enjoying it though!


peace and thanks for joining me on this journey!




3 thoughts on “My Soul’s Portraits

  1. Love them! I do Soul-Portraits in a different way for classes, but here soon I hope to give your way a try too. Just keep doing that fabulous thing you do!


    1. Thank you! I\d like to know other techniques or project ideas if you have them 🙂 I run retreats and am always looking for cool things to do with clients. 🙂 Thanks for ytour interest and support! ~peace~


      1. If you’d like to chat about soul profiles and other techniques drop me an email at ^_^ (I think what we want to chat about would leave quite the long road if we tried to simply chat over comment! But it’s up to you. Namaste.


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