The heart is a funny organ. It is the center of the body, the place where all life comes forward from.  the heart is sustained by our lungs – and is the force behind the distribution of the oxygen and blood necessary for our and organs. The heart is the engine – the machine that keeps it all going.

We are starting to understand that it is important not only to take care of our physical heart – but our spiritual hearts a well; we know now that an uncared for heart can manifest into a thousand different problems. Physical problems like heart attacks and cancer can be directly related to the spiritual and emotional impact of our emotions and choices on the heart.

When I was young and was having problems making a decision my mother would always say “Follow your heart”.   I suppose this meant that she expected there was a great wisdom which resided inside of me, and that if I followed the direction my heart told me to, this would create the best outcome for me.  The thing is, we mostly don’t have any clue as to how to listen to the heart, because we are so busy listening to the mind. The mind tells us all sorts of things.  The problem is, the mind very rarely tells the truth.   It has opinions, judgement and makes decisions based in fear, avoidance and reaction.   The mind tells us we are not capable of a thing, or that we are not worthy of a certain positive outcome. The mind focuses in the past and future and is never ever in the current moment in which you stand.  The mind exists in a constant state of illusion. The world it brings to your awareness is also an illusion. realizing this is like waking up from a very long dream and realizing that in real life – you can fly.

The sound of the heart is silence.  It is emptiness which is in and of itself full.  The feeling of the heart is peace – relaxed and accepting.  Joy and serenity are the results of applying heart knowledge when making choices and interacting with your life. woman-holding-fire-sculpture

Someone with an OPEN HEART is said to be loving, giving, caring and approachable.  A closed heart is someone who is self-protecting, fears vulnerability and probably has allot of ego interference in his or her relationship. someone with a closed heart is difficult to communicate with because they take everything personally. The closed heart shuts out the world in self protection –  and an open heart invites it in fearlessly.

The WAY to open your heart? Act “as if” – from this moment on.  Don’t spend the whole day thinking about all the reasons things aren’t going your way. Don’t spend any time at all thinking about why people aren’t like you want them to be 🙂 Spend LOTS of time just LOOKING…just observe. Watch…yourself and others.

If a chance to be of service presents itself – do it.  Be a good ear, be a hand, be the change you want to see in your community or family.

Some ideas:

* Love without reserve or requirement. Love everyone – but love YOU first.

* Keep energy giving people – let go of energy vampires: Invite people into your life who help your heart feel at ease, happy and accepted and loved unconditionally.  Deter people who are negative energy for you. The needy, the angry and the resentful.  They have their own issues to deal with. Love them – but don’t spend lots of time with them.

* Be of service – lend a hand.   Say a prayer or hold a positive thought for someone you don’t even know – but would like to see be ok.  Random acts of kindness are a big hit with your heart. Do a service for someone every day …but don’t let anyone know. It’s a secret – between you and your heart. Shhhh

* Understand that love doesn’t mean “people pleasing” – love means knowing yourself, setting your boundaries and filling your own cup before turning to fill others.

* Eat well. You already now what this means.  More green – less white.

* Don’t stay angry – use the anger to discover yourself. . Repressed energy will reveal itself in disease.  Talk things out. Find the REAL reason why you’re angry (Hint: anger is fear. Resentment is fear. Find out what you’re afraid of).

*Resentments will kill you. Don’t have them. Resentments are not natural, not healthy, counterproductive, exhausting, distracting and they are completely unnecessary.   Plus – you have a role in each one.  The second you are able to understand what YOUR part in the resentment is…it will POOF away like magic. OK…well maybe not magic 🙂 but it won’t govern you, and that’s the goal.

* Silence – every single day, without exception, you need to stay still for a moment and just be QUIET.  Forget about meditating or any of that – just stay still. Stand there. Don’t move. Just breathe..and feel your heart beating.  Feel your pulse…be with your heart.

*Express yourself creatively – Your heart can be “quieted” through a centering and expression exercise every day. I like journalling. It is a steady foundation for me, a way which I communicate with God as I understand it, and allows me to see myself away from my interior emotions.  A good tool also for sorting out resentments anger and fear.

My next entry will be a real down an dirty look at resentment, anger and the aspects of our lives that cause us to close our hearts.

Until then – I hope you are filled with abundant joy and a sure knowledge of the divinity you are in this life.

It is an honour to share this with you.




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