Matters of the Heart –

Lately we have begun to do energetic retreats on my farm where each month we focus on a specific Chakra and work with horses and in nature to reconnect our awareness and understanding to that specific chakra.  Some say that there are seven of these energetic centers in a human body. Other schools of thought have identified many more – but we keep it to the basic seven. We use our understanding of these energetic centers and our more extensive knowledge of equine behaviour, to help people connect back to themselves through horses.  Our horses are pretty special, and each on seems to have its own specific talent with people.

What seems to happen for me is that as I study a particular center,  my life events revolves around the issues that the chakra we are studying brings up. The fourth (current) chakra addresses matters of the heart – the issues of love – and I find myself challenged and riding the wave of events and activities around me.

To bring you up to date – we have explored the first three Chakras.

The first dealing with the basic necessities of life – companionship, food shelter, clothing, a job – this Chakra is very “earth bound” and tends to deal with the most early memories a person has. The ones that teach us about how the world functions.  The memories explored in this Chakra have to do with our parents and the family group we were raised in.

The second Chakra has to do with you creative nature – again an “earthbound” physical chakra.  Here we observed how we work in groups, what our creative styles were and how we could go about in our lives expressing our creativity.  This chakra also deals with out relationship with sex and creation as a sexual process.  Many women in the retreat had never considered their sexual experiences in a way that contributes to their understanding of who they really are. This one lasted the longest – talking around  fire into the wee hours.

The third Chakra dealt with emotions.  I suppose the spiritual goal is to, as they say, become “master” of our emotions, but I am not sure it is possible to be a human and really do that. Even Jesus was supposed to have lost his temper with all of the merchants doing business in a church.  The Buddha was overcome with grief when we saw all the poverty around him.  These are human emotions.  It’s what we do with these emotions that lays within our power. It is not within out power whether or not we have them.  The study of this chakra in nature in encouraged through quiet presence and awareness.  Horses encouraged us to be present with emotion and realizing that emotions can’t kill you but is simply present to allow you to understand yourself in any situation.

And now we have come to the fourth chakra – and issues of the heart and the energy of love.  401410_10150607217758114_693783113_8894729_89771759_n

Historically we are confounded by love. we have complicated it in a way that is amazing to me.  We have different “applications” for love – romance, children, family, friends – we seem to believe there are different forms of it for tailor made for each relationship. Each form of this love is more or less open and vulnerable and giving than the next.  We love conditionally.  This is human nature. We love with expectations, and requirement and need. We love because it is good for us, or because it makes us happy and we feel good.

We pull back our love and close our heart when things don’t go the way we think they should. We withhold love when we fear being emotionally damaged by our vulnerability. We use the idea of love as a weapon to get what we want from others.  We say “I love you” with autonomic regularity, rarely giving consideration to the real meaning of the words.

The fourth Chakra – the energetic center of our “heart” as well as the physical center of our body. It is the bridge between the earth bound and ethereal chakras. The heart is the jumping off place – faith is it progenitor. is where we are coming up to in the next retreat.  It is an issue of love – compassion, empathy. The heart Chakra is the  first portal to the “other-world” – the spiritual eternity every human questions and ponder.  Buddhists and Hindus will tell you that you have access to this paradise of gentle living, here in this lifetime – if only you could give up all of your preconceived notions of right and wrong, and accept the present moment.

The heart has everything to do with the current state of affairs you find yourself in.   The energy of the heart is most present when EGO is sleeping.  HEART and EGO don’t speak the same language, so they don’t really hang out together much.  EGO finds that when HEART speaks, he goes to sleep, quickly bored of the sweet drone of her voice. When HEART is open, SOUL loves to come out and play!  She likes to find other souls and talk with them. SOUL loves to play when the playground is full of love.

In preparing this next retreat, I am driven to better understand what the heart is all about.   In my search for understanding, the Universe seems to be providing me with ways to explore what “conditional” and unconditional love is.  What true love means, and how it fits into my life.  The “feeling” of love with anyone in my life seems to be expanding and I feel a tremendous peace and lack of anxiety about the future – a rare and pleasant state for me.  I am present – with my heart – and find that my thoughts and concerns turn from personal introspection to a compassion and concern for the people in my world.

To better understand…I wrote  poem to share with you.



Love isn’t  being nice to everyone.

Love isn’t letting the world use you as a doormat.

Love doesn’t mean that everyone will like you.

Sometimes the greatest acts of love

cut to the deepest place,

and can change you forever.

And that’s ok.

Love isn’t ice cream on a cone,

or sweet flowers in a vase.

Love is a goodbye,

when hellos are holding you back

Or you suddenly hear your own lie.

Love is an ear,

when the mouth wants to move.

Love is seeing you,

without needing to see myself.

Love isn’t a complicated thing,

It’s all in the heart,

Opening wide –

and suddenly expands…

Creating a new star.

Love is expansion

Holding within it’s own self

the possibility of everything.




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