So, we are up to round two of Ego vs Soul.  I am happy to announce that after an awesome night of music, where I was forced again by circumatances to surrender, Ego went to sleep and Soul came out with miracles and magic!cropped-n624896475_1820149_5563023.jpg

We arrive at the venue, which I figure on a Wednesday night will hold about 8 people.  But I forgot…hockey is back.  There were three hundred people there. We had never played together, had no set list and basically were going to have to rely on my hippy folkie guitar basics for dummies.  Oh Boy.

I panicked. My bass player says he has chest pains and is looking around wild-eyed. My harmonica player, who has never played with the bass or guitar player, says “I’d better take allll my harps out”, because we have no clue what we’re doing. The guitar player, who is the nicest teddy bear of a guy you have ever met, says “Let’s just have fun!!” he was right. and we did.

We played between periods of the game – Montreal vs Bruins. Playing music in a bar on hockey night in Montreal has its special challenges. a) don’t interrupt the game and b) cheer up the crowd when the other team wins (which they did…bah), c) remember that just for the sake of tradition and rivalry…Montreal hates Boston. Remind the audience of this frequently. It makes them cheer.

The guy who picked up my djembe and kept a great rhythm the entire night (act of God…we had no drummer)…was celebrating his birthday and was wearing a Boston hat and tee-shirt. Almost a life threatening thing to do in Montreal. Brave soul. A few folks at the table in front of us came up and played joyful music. They were incredibly good and we had too much fun.

So – my dear Soul completely took over the performance, and ego went to sleep. I got up on stage, looked at the huge crowd, and just turned it over. That’s what you do when you have no other choice. One song after another rolled out of my guitar, George on guitar beside me, able to fit into whatever I played. It all felt like magic. ego-soul-article

So, 1 point for SOUL!! woohoo!! Keep up the good work 🙂 Creativity is MUCH more productive when I am not focused on self self self. Ego ego ego.

Today is a day for resting all my 2000 parts…I’m exhausted. Anyone want to come clean some horse poopie stalls?? It ain’t gonna be me today. 🙂


Follow your bliss!


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