“It’s Just Like Me to be…” ~ An Excercise in Self~Understanding

Everyone is curious about what others think of them.  Some are more or less guided by their need to have the positive opinion of others. Most of us have been raised in a  culture where our “reputations” and what people thought of us was very important.  Isn’t it true though that we should be more importantly concerned with our own opinions of ourselves?  We should be but we can’t – because we don’t even know what we think of ourselves!  Not really.  Because we have lived unconsciously for so long, many people have an interior dialogue of opinions that have come from a lifetime of experiences, unacknowledged and unrecognized in the impact these beliefs about ourselves can have in ourchoices, decisions, and motivations.  Consciousness means becoming aware and responsible for the unacknowledged opinions and thoughts you have about yourself, and transforming them into something more productive and positive for your life. 

Do you consider yourself a conscious person – someone who is aware of who they are and why they do and think as they do?  Many people are awakening to the importance to becoming conscious of the interior dialogue which  exerts control over an individuals life choices. Consciousness has sometimes been defined as “how you describe yourself to yourself”. In other words the only consciousness that you can really have is an awareness of the story you tell yourself about who you are and the role you play in life. Every choice and reaction you have is based on this interior impression.

You can become aware of your interior story by free thinking the end of the following sentence a few times.  I developed an activity if you would like, to follow-up on that and use the thought of clear objective consciousness in maintaining your connection to source in daily life.


writing-on-paperFinish the sentence “It’s just like me to be…”as many times as you want. In fact write until you don’t have words to fill the end space anymore. What are the very first thoughts that came into your mind?  Don’t edit or judge. And don’t NOT write something because it is too harsh or too positive.  Just write them down.  

Distracted, creative, sad, busy, useless, curious,  misguided, wrong, afraid, strong, reactive, defensive.

Without differentiating between good or bad, right or wrong – make a list of these words in no particular order:












Sit back, make a tea, and take a long look at the words you use to describe yourself. Don’t judge yourself – just look, as though you are on a treasure hunt and these are the clues into your very own thoughts.  The greatest treasure lays within – your highest creative self –  but first you have to navigate the sometimes scary waters of your own thinking.

Take up your pen again now and ask your guides for help to let you see the truth about yourself. That you are indeed divine, and the only thing stopping you from ACTING like it, is your thinking about yourself.  Now, begin to rewrite the negative words.  We can describe negative as any aspects you have written that do not contribute to your overall creativity, happiness and ability to be of service in life. The positive words are those that promote your greatest happiness, most creative self and the ability  to be of service.












You can support your change of perception by posting these words up, randomly in your house. So each time you come across them you are creating a new thought about yourself.  Maybe some of these thoughts have been unconsciously adopted from previous life experiences, a difficult childhood, an abusive relationship.  remind yourself of where you are today, in this moment each time you see one of your words.

The positive turn you have given these previously unconscious aspects of self-image causes them to begin to lose their power over you immediately.  This means you can be less inclined to make choices based on some unacknowledged negative self-image that may not be in your best interest.  It is a very powerful tool.

It is the job of our souls to enlighten our minds, and it is the ego’s job to keep the mind shrouded in self-doubt and fear.  Conscious awareness is like a huge beacon of light. The ego, like a terrible cockroach will escape back into the dark corners of your mind waiting for another opportunity to hide you from the light of your own self-awareness.

Maintaining awareness is your diligent duty.  Willingness and keeping the way clear for the light to shine when it needs to, is really one of the few things we as spiritual beings on this human journey have control over.    Methods in consciousness like Yoga and meditation are effective and can be integrated into any lifestyle.  Mantra and mindfulness techniques can help keep you rooted in conscious vigilance over your own thoughts about yourself.

Answer the question again…

“It’s just like me to be…”

Don’t admonish yourself for a negative answer nor praise yourself for  a positive one.  The answers should only be viewed as a tool for observing your current state of being, allow you to flow into the being you are always becoming and have always been.



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