THOUGHTS ON NEWTOWN and other places.

The Newtown tragedy was awful. I can;t imagine what it is like to be a parent and experience losing a child.  I am shocked into silence.  We are supposed to be civilized.  This should not have happened.

Now for what I want to say…

Every day thousand of children die from poverty, neglect, and violence in war torn countries.

Every day historical monuments and buildings are destroyed in the middle eastern war efforts.

If it happens to someone in the West, we are shocked. We experience fear and outrage.  We don’t even hear about the kids stabbed in China on the same day…well barely.

Why is it that we don’t see each other as the same people?  Each child’s death is worthy of outrage!  Each human life taken for a “cause” is horrendous.  War is simply legalized murder.  And a life is not less valuable because it is not American.

Maybe because America has created its image to be “The Land of the free” – that it is so shocked when Karma comes knocking on the most innocent of doors?  How sad.

Listen – the solution isn’t in legislating away guns. Someone who wants to kill…will find a way. But guns are an obvious issue…

The USA has more guns per capita than anywhere else in the world.   According to 2011 statistics there are 88.8 guns per 100 people in the USA,  Canada 30.8, Britain 6.2.  Murder by gunshot –   The United states had nearly 10,000 murders  in 2011, in Canada, 144 and 14 in Britain. Are we seeing a connection here?

Why is it that people in the USA seem to feel more threatened than the rest of the world? So much so that they seem to have been in an ETERNAL race to be the most armed nation on the planet. elephants-family-love

The solution for situations like Newtown does not lie with more stringent gun controls.  If that boy would have had access only to two old crappy guns – he would have used those.  There was no stopping this insanity.

But I will say that the solution to the “problem” is global, not just focusing on one country, who is so socioegocentric as to believe they are immutable to these kinds of violent attacks.?  You reap what you sow my friends.

We don’t need new gun laws, and neither does the United State. It won’t make one bit of difference.

What is needed (globally) is a mentality change as to HOW we see each other.  If you understood that you are not separate, and are intricately connected to each other through a powerful source which is your own living life force – maybe we would treat each other and ourselves even more kindly.

Take responsibility for your community – Be involved in your family.

The changes start not at the level of government but at the level of YOUR HOME – then community – then outwards flow into the world.

We can choose.








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