near-death-experience-1December 12 was the last time any of us will see a tri-synchronous date again.  Someone told me it won’t happen again for another 91 years or something, so it’s safe to assume you and I are on our last triple number date.There are all sorts of cool dates coming up – specifically 12-21-12…on friday. The End of the World as we know it. I have read and learned so much about this date, from historians and scientists, astronomers and astrologists, not I am really curious as to what everyone else thinks…the regular people going through regular daily life.

After all my studying, I have no really solid conclusion other than something is happening – I’m just not sure what.  There is an energetic shift a global consciousness taking place, that is certain. According to “Golden Age” theorists,  the energy seems to be tied in to the moving of the stars and the cycles of constellations – specifically The Pleiades – Seven Sisters.  Apparently they only align like they will every 26,000 years on the 21st of December.

Some people I know are calling this shift the movement into “The Golden Age” – or the age of spiritual enlightenment which will present itself as a global consciousness awakening.  We will (and seem to be already) become starkly aware of our natural connection to one another and to nature. This will cause us to think differently, have different priorities in our decisions and treat each other with more respect.  Others of course believe we are entering the “end times” – the potential second (or first depending on which chair you sit in) coming of the Messiah – God’s representative here on earth.  I have heard others say that the collective joining of our minds IS the Messiah…represented through us. I have also heard all of the Alien conspiracy theories – that we are about to be eaten by legions of alien who have been growing us like  a pig farm. I have heard that aliens have been harvesting our genetic material to create an army of super-human alien hybrids.  I have heard that “otherworldly beings” have returned and communicate to us in the form of a type of mathematical symbolic language which is a type of warning and directive for the future.  I mean – it all sounded crazy to me at first.

I have to admit that I never really thought about any date before this one.  I am aware of this one though.   I feel changes happening.  There is some weird  portal opening up which is causing those of us who are energetically sensitive in the first place to become like magnets for contact from energetic beings. In the past week I have had numerous “otherworldly” interferences – like my friends brother who, on the 35th anniversary of his suicide contacted his sister through me.  Let me assure you I don’t usually have things like this happen to me, but this “contact” was so obvious – like a neon sign pointing “pay attention to THIS!”

I have a very eclectic group of friends, amongst whom are some of my very dearest are a group of folks I have come to recently know and love who are ceremonial drummers. They practice shamanism with drumming, and I have been graced to learn and be taught by some of the very best.  I love shamanic drumming. We have such a strong energy that when you practice drumming with intention, you find that you are elevated both spiritually and physically.  Portals of understanding open up like nothing ever before. But, it all seems very òtherworldly`, but the experience is genuine and profoundly healing.   There are some who have been drumming for all 21 days prior to the 21st of December to try to create an energetic container in which to hold the intention of healing for the planet.

What will yu be doing on the 21st?

The conclusion you will come to about the date is tied directly into where in the world you were socialized and what religion you adhere to.  But, no matter which religion or culture, every single place in the world is recognizing that there is a 1) significance to the date 12-21-12 and 2) a change is imminent. What kind of change, if any, do you foresee for us?

I’d really like to know what you believe.  And please remember you can tell me ANYTHING – all our thoughts and the way we connect is so different and so open, thoughts and idea you have now may seem almost insane to you, but please give them some of your consciousness.

In this time of the shift, also please be aware to be careful for what you pray!  If you ask YOU WILL recieve…so think things out a little.  Try and be of service to others as much as possible. Think about what you can be doing for someone else every single day. and don’t forget to fill your own cup – meditate, pray and open your intention and mind to the possibilities of miraculous transformation.

And don’t forget that you are a SPIRITUAL being on a HUMAN journey – not the other way around.  Prioritize your spiritual self at this time, and you have the opportunity to gain a new strength that you have not before experienced.

Be careful about your words right now – try to speak kindly and don’t complain.

Connect yourself to others and on the 21st hold us all in your thoughts and prayers.

Great Leap…here we come!



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