There are lots of people who are going through tough times right now.  Personal issues, environmental events,economic crises, and cultural clashes exist around the world.  And it feels like the chaos is getting closer to home.  I swear I have heard more ambulances and sirens in my small neighbourhood in the past three weeks than in all the years I have lived here.

Whatever form of chaos you are living in right now, there is only one sure thing about it and that is that it will change.  You can either choose to acknowledge and flow with the changes, or you can set up your expectations and try to govern the ungovernable. But I’ll tell you now…resistance is futile.

Change is a funny thing because we all fear it, whether we need it or not.   We resist change around and within ourselves.  Even if we live in total misery, we resist change.  I once met a man who lived on the streets in Montreal 12 months out of the year.  I asked him why he didn’t take a room at one of the residences for homeless people around the area. He told me he didn’t like change.

I didn’t understand.  How can abject poverty be freedom?  Never knowing where your next meal will come from, or where you will sleep that night cannot feel very free for anyone.  Real freedom is the opportunity to make any choice you want for your life.  And yet, this man was so accustomed his limited life, that he only saw what he would lose if his situation changed.

Change can only happen in one of two ways – you choose it or it chooses you.  Usually people choose change only after they have endured a hearty measure of discomfort in their current circumstances.  Some people have a higher tolerance for pain than others who may choose change more quickly.  The only guarantee you have in this day is that things will change.  Your body changes, your relationships will evolve and your circumstances may be different when you went to sleep than when you woke.  Sometimes changes affect your life in a way that makes you rethink your priorities. Financial difficulties can have this effect because they impact your very basic survival needs.

Right now, our family like so many is struggling financially and personally.  Sales are not what they used to be for my husband and my home business is not getting enough clients because of my location and lack of winter friendly facilities.  There is horrible illness in some of my family and everything seems to be standing on a precipice of great shifting change. Things are uncertain…and I don’t like uncertainty.  AH, fear is such a blast.

Instead of panicking an dallowing fear to hijack my thinking (which I am sure we all do frmo time to time) I ahve decided to appraoch this “life bump” differently and I have declare to the Universe that it can have its way with me.  I will try not to get in the way of whatever is going on.  Things have never been this hard, but I have never starved or died (obviously), so I will do my footwork and wait and see what happens. If I keep hitting walls I’ll take it as an obvious sign to change directions!  When you don’t know if you will have enough food or money – this is the faith that separates the men from the boys…as they say.  Really when you get to such a difficult place, what choice do you have anyways? You can think and worry and fret until the cows come home (something that actually happens frequently around here :) ) or I can just “do the next right thing”, which seems to be right now finishing my book. Ironically I have no illusions about selling the book in a way that would make my life less uncomfortable, but it is at the front of my mind every day…so in my experience, if I follow this “”intuition”, I am going in the right dirextion…whatever the hell that is anyways.

I guess I’ll follow the good advice of my friend Jacques who always said “Do the next right thing and leave the rest up to God”.

Leap of faith…here I come.



4 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. Contrary to popular belief, the universe is not a booby-trap waiting for us to make a wrong move.

    Change is an invitation to choose something other than what you’ve got, to be somewhere other than where you are. When faced with choice many freeze in their tracks. They ask, “Is this what’s best?” “Is this right for me?” Suddenly a choice between this or that has now become a moral dilemma of what’s right or wrong. You’re overwhelmed and don’t know what to do. But contrary to popular belief, the universe is not a booby-trap waiting for us to make a wrong move. The only thing to do is choose, then act! All else is stagnation, a slow death on the streets, if you will.


    1. JUST what I needed to hear this morning…awesome thought. thank you so much 🙂
      Funnily enough (:) I have been quite focused on the concept of death…well the absence of death – past couple of days, through the Tao and the Bhagvaghita – your thoughts support what the universe is chatting away with me about now 🙂 Thank you!


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