And Tonight I Pray…

So tonight I am praying;  I am praying for everyone and everything around me.  I am unable to express my feelings right now.  I am in one way relieved that I have something that I can sink my teeth into.  Hurricanes, tremendous environmental chaos is something that will focus the unfocused minds of the world.  Now we will simply have to assume greater cooperation , or perish.  It is the nature og the universe to claim equanimity, and so now nature is simply back-lashing at us what we ourselves have imposed upon her over the few centuries we have been in existence.

The answer to this storm and all the crises that will follow this one, is certainly not to continue doing what we have always done!  Patchwork repair jobs on enormous issues that are deeply rooted in the basic set of belief systems we teach ourselves.  We need to think differently about ourselves, and who we really are – what is our role here.

We’re going to lose power tonight, but I wanted to send off a note before the internet goes down, if that is in fact what is going to happen.  It will feel especially strange to lose that connection with the world after having become so used to it.

But we will find other ways to communicate.  I believe we will be increasingly able to communicate intuitively, in one form or another over time.

Unfortunately, time is what we don’t really have a lot of right now, so I suppose I am hoping for a miracle.

I have people away from home that I love very much.  I am just praying that everyone is safe and off the roads.

I will sit still with this storm, and take it all in.  I will focus on dismissing the storm, dissipating it.  making it smaller.  I know it sounds like a pretty ineffective use of time. but the way I see it, everything that has ever happened has begun with a thought. Therefore THOUGHT is our most powerful force.  Doesn’t it just make sense that if thoughts are united, the thought itself becomes EXTREMELY powerful?

I urge anyone reading this to simply sit back and focus your thoughts on seeing the storm dissipate.  Visualize the clouds breaking up and light shining through.  If we focus on the terror and devastation, we will only create more of it.  This is simple what I call “buddhist physics” – what you focus on grows.  You give it energy – it flourishes.

Take the energy AWAY from the disasters, and only feel peace. In fact now is a good time to forgive the people you thought were unforgivable in your life, because holding resentment takes up some of the energy you need to help us heal. What I am recommending is a type of living meditation, where you walk and try to keep your mind focused all through the next few days on recovery and health to the planet.   Our emerging intuitive capacities must be used somehow in this catastrophic shifting of the planet’s energy.

Maybe it takes this much chaos to wake up humanity to our inherent power?  Here’s ta hopin’…



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