What if?

I spend allot of time creating stuff. I write music, paint, draw, poems, songs, even gardening is creative for me.  But every once in a while my muses go on vacation, and I am left facing a blank page.  Lately has been such a time…and I feel crazy.  Creatively constipated. My ego is busy with me in my head… I tell myself to go get a real job and stop wasting my time singing, writing, drawing. What’s the point??

Because I am a chronic “over-thinker”, I started thinking about the “point” of all that creative stuff.  Lord knows in 100 years nothing I have done, said or thought will matter one bit, will it?  I mean, I have no delusions that I am going down in history nor has that ever really been something important to me.  My father had this  obsession about how people would remember you after you died.

Who cares? You’re dead.

This obsessive concern for what the Jones’s think -even past the grave –  is an insane perception and it is how I and a lot of people were raised.  If you make choices according to how you think you can please  your family and friends…then your life becomes full of choices that were made because you wanted to fulfill what you thought were the expectations of the people in your life.  This will always result in disappointment.  But from a young age we are taught it is our job to imitate and do like others because this is how humanity has survived for so long.  Something that has served us in the past…no longer serves us.  This is the whole point of change.  In the past we would follow and imitate the ones that are surviving well, as Darwin would have postulated, which promotes growth of stronger smarter species.  The ones who follow the “weak”, will eventually not survive and disappear. But we are in a state of change now…and there is a real need to come to terms with what you believer as opposed to what you were taught to believe.  It is part of the process of the Growing up of humanity.

Charles Darwin was awoken with an intuitive inspiration one morning, and 6 months later he was traveling on a commissioned boat called The Beagle to the Galapagos Islands.  He left his family and conventional life behind and followed his guidance. Similarly Einstein felt he was guided by a higher power and believed that this power put ideas into his mind.  He could have had an easy and affluent career as a University professor, but instead he chose to follow his muses and create the theories that would forever change the way humans understand life.

Now, I am not saying I am some Darwin, or Einstein, but what if these guys would put down their pen and paintbrushes like I have and simply say

“what’s the point?”

What if Darwin and Einstein had chosen not to follow their intuition and creative passions and had decided to stay home, get a regular job and earn as much money as they could?  What if their greed had been greater than their curiosity?    How would the world be different today?  Would it have mattered? How many other “Darwin’s and Einsteins” have not followed their creativity because they are listening to expectation and not the call of their soul?

Maybe in eternity what we do has little or no meaning – who knows?   But I do know that if more people would follow that still small voice that asks them to be brave and honour their creative spirit, this world would be a very different place.


What if old Abe had said:
“Bah screw the slaves. Let them deal with their own problems – sticking my nose in that is going to make me very unpopular!”
What if Mother Theresa would have said “This work is too hard and unforgiving. I’m going o do something easier” ?

One thought on “WHAT IF?…

  1. Loved it! Josee, keep following your heart and your beautiful soul. Keep writing, singing, and being who you ARE. You are an inspiration. I love you my unique cousin. Xo Louise

    Sent from my iPhone Louise Valin, B.A.


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