Grow a Little Wild

I was mowing my enormous lawn the other day, a task which usually takes about 6 hours over two days, when I decided to start with the back yard, which I had neglected for about three weeks.  ALthough we hadn’t much rain earlier in the summer, we have been getting some pretty good rain storms lately, and as I drove my husband’s cherry red lawn tractor around the back yard I noticed that certain areas where trees had fallen or large branches, nature had taken over in no small form.  There were suddenly in front me of myriads of small monarch-like butterflies and freaky grasshoppers whose wings turned into black and white striped butterflies when they popped into the air.  I slowed the tractor to a stop and the original thought of how much WORK I had to do back there to clean up all those weeds dissolved into all of the beautiful things happening within the landscape of that small piece land simply because no one had interfered with it and it had been allowed to re-establish itself as nature would have it.  What an amazing simple thing!

We are very lucky, and have a few acres to spare for his kind of endeavor. but I think even someone living in the city can invest in a small pot and throw some old seeds in and leave it alone when you think there are weeds growing.  I was thinking of all the thorn bushes and milkweed…if I start plucking these out, where will all those butterflies get what they need? So, there is one area of my land which is amazingly butterfly friendly but no human would dare to enter 🙂 Then I started thinking about what a great idea it was, for anyone who can, to spare a small piece of land to allow it to grow back to nature.  Let something, some part of your environment go completely wild.  Then…tkae it a step further and let a part of yourself grow wild. Of course, I can;t help ut think of that lesson in terms of how to live life too.

Do you paint, draw, sing, write, carve?  Everyone has a penchant for something that can help them to express beyond the limitations of language and conventional thought.  The experiences you have can be very difficult to express through standard conversation, so using any creative mean to express yourself is so important to develop a greater “wild space” within. Most importantly is that you take the time to allow yourself to be a little wild, create, be unique, contribute to understanding yourself.  I have decided to let a part of myself grow wild too.  Just like my back yard. A part of me that is usually subdued, or hidden behind the grown up life we led.   Maybe it’s not such a bad idea for us all to look at what we really love and let it grow wild…see where it leads you. Maybe the garden path will bring you something you could never have imagined…



6 thoughts on “Grow a Little Wild

  1. I can’t agree with you more. Nature always has a way of putting things right if we step aside. We witnessed it first hand this summer. Paul usually works his butt off to make our garden beautiful. However this year was different. He herniated a disc and ended up incapacitated, so while he “should” have been planting, he was lying on the couch barely able to move. So our garden was ignored and left to do its own thing.

    The birds we feed all year round had other plans for our yard however, and left to their own devices, they “planted” a beautiful garden for us. We have various types of sunflowers growing in surprising areas of the garden, echinacia, and other plants that I couldn’t identify if my life depended on it. Each day there is a little gift waiting for us. Although, this year, our garden looks a little haphazard and unkempt, according to certain neighbours, we are thrilled with it.

    Nature just has a way of bringing joy into our lives. xx


    1. I LOVE that story 🙂 Put my son to bed with it for years 🙂 In fact can still cheer him at 19 with a few lines…”And then they DANCED under the moonlight…” and we sing a song…:)
      Thanks for the happy memory! ~Peace` Jo


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