A few days off the farm will do me some good. I am off to spend some time helping care for my mom and hang out with my family.  I hear a lot of people tell me horror stories about their families, but for me, I adore my family. They are funny and smart and when disaster hits, they are mental and more funny even.  When we are at a hospital, we bring a tangible WAVE of energy into every room.  People comment on it all the time.  We ROCK.

I don’t have a fear of illness…or death…or dying people. It’s all part of the deal, and frankly, every part of the experience has something to offer.  I try to find what it is that can teach me in every person and in this way I stay unafraid.

I like being in places where I can cheer people.  And I think cancer sucks…

I encourage people to treat their cancer like an unruly horse or child.  Deal with it…but don’t pay it too much mind.  This too shall pass…in whatever way it will choose to pass.

Change sucks.  It shakes your foundation, makes you feel like the earth is not quite like it was a moment ago.  But that’s ok too..

The good part about having lived a full life is I have learned that I’ll make it through everything and come out even better on the other end.  BRING IT ON UNIVERSE…Cause I am READY.

I am not depressed. This is a miracle.  In fact, I have not suffered a major depressive episode in over three years…wow.  This is a real miracle after 17 years on antidepressant and bi-polar meds…ahhh….freeeeeedom. lovely. and it can be yours for the small price of…”make a better choice”…for YOURSELF. BE EMOTIONALLY SELF SUPPORTING THROUGH YOUR OWN CONTRIBUTIONS. 🙂 it works.


I quit smoking. Today is day three… It’s EASY. I feel good..only three days now but that’s after 30 years and really…this is not as bad as everyone says. If you smoke…stop it.  It’s dumb.  It will cause your children to feel like I’m feeling…watching my mother be sick.

There’s my catch up. I send you all blessings.

Be back soon.



2 thoughts on “QUICK CATCH UP

  1. congrats on quitting smoking. I am going on 2 months (with two relapses of two cigs one day, and 7 a week later – for good reasons of course, haha.) Sorry your mom is sick. Here’s to breaking the cycle for our children 🙂


    1. thank you for the encouragement!! I had a one cig slip today…ahhh..brathe of relief from the weekend…bah. I have to stop relating it to “a break”….anyways…one day at a time! peace 🙂


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