Abit of a Rant…

Since my mother was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer last August, I have been diligently avoiding researching, reading or informing myself on anything that has to do with the treatment or cause of such things.  I knew it would drive me to insanity and I would become terrified at both the abundance and inconsistencies in information we find on the internet.

Yesterday I broke my deal with myself and started reading.  It didn’t take me long to become embroiled in information.  It began when I posted about the movement of the cancer from the lungs into the brain, I received a surprising number of response of people who had similar experiences with friends and family.  I learned something new; there is a real correlation about the movement of cancer from lungs to brain. One person even told me that their parent had received preventative radiation in the brain when they were diagnosed with lung cancer.

I have stayed quiet, up until now – I said nothing to her, or to the doctors.  In fact, when we were in her doctor’s office the last time to receive the news that she was in remission for the lung cancer, I could feel the doctor not saying things.  Did she think we couldn’t handle it?  Or was she just playing god?

My mother complained many times about fear that something was ‘wrong with her head” – pain, burning – an intuitive feeling.  No one listened to her, discounting her intuitive feelings for their pragmatic science.

Singularly dimensional approaches to healing result in this lack of capacity for “modern scientific” doctors to listen to the patient’s own awareness about themselves.  It is archaic and results in people dying.

I don’t know if we would have found the cancer when she said something, if in fact it would have made any difference. I’d like to think not.  Maybe, then again, lesions caught early are operable often.  Use of preventative radiation decreases ROD from 55% to 19% .  I think these doctor’s are thinking inside a teenie little box they call their personal reality.  Life as they have been taught – programmed by a conventional system which no longer functions in the best interest of its people.

I can;t change the world, or the way the medical system thinks, the limitations of science, the ignorance of the pharmaceutical companies, the materialism of our population, our abject lack of respect for the planet we live on – I know I can;t change any of that.  But I don’t need to be a part of it either.

But I can say it out loud in the hopes that someone out there. maybe reading even, may follow their intuition and make it clear that these feelings are a valid form of personal insight – although not measurable but scientific means – which does not discredit their validity.

I don’t know what to do with this helpless frustrated anger, except share it out loud and hope it helps someone else.



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