A Prayer for When Bad Things Happen to Good People ~

My mother’s cancer was upgraded from stage 4 lung cancer in remission to full-out spread to her brain. The cancer was a determined kind of cancer. We tried to eliminate it in one place and instead of taking it nicely and politely it picked up its gear and moved on to a less treatable portion of the body – her brain. Now…I have doom.  So, I find myself at a crossroads. one of those moments like when i was a little girl and saw an enormous wave in the ocean and realized how small and powerless we all are beside’s the enormity of mother earth and life itself.

So, I wrote a prayer.  I don’t usually write prayers, but this one i did with the conscious intention of each word.

Finally, I thought I would share it because I think a lot of people need a hand up lately ~ and most of us (me included) have no idea how to pray…so I figure this will do and Spirit will understand the intention behind the words, which is what really counts anyways.

Please forgive my glib vernacular. God and I have been on a familiar first name basis for year now so I may sound a little informal if you have ever  stepped foot in a church.

Dear God ~

I am on my knees, afraid for the lives of people I love very much. Their bodies and minds are faulty, just like all of us – but their hearts are made of pure gold. They love you and have tried very hard through their lives to get to you so – please give them a break. Heal them or take them – but please be easy.

Give me the clear direction I need to do what i have to do. Make my shoulders strong and help me not to make everything about me all the time.  That is not the point and it is the point all at the same time. I get that now.

Take care of my children and all of the people who will feel lost as we go through this process of change and upheaval.  Help our eyes to see the small and large miracles you will perform on all of our behalf.  Remind us all that death, like life, is another side of the same miracle – another dramatic transition into another unending cycle.  Remind us that you are with us all the time – so we don’t have to feel alone or lonely or sad.

Remind us that we come from YOU! and so we have your powers to heal and transform and create.

Help us to see with eyes wide open unafraid to be blinded by your light.

Give us the strength and willingness to walk your path every minute and in every way each day. Give us the facility to breathe you in like air and float in you like water.



6 thoughts on “A Prayer for When Bad Things Happen to Good People ~

  1. A most beautiful prayer…I am in tears…May God hear your prayer and hold you in the palm of his hand and bless you and your lovely family at this very difficult time. Love and hugs to you. Pat xoxo


  2. You couldn’t have spoken from my very own heart more eloquently Josee! Thank you for giving me the words to pray as I’ve been trying so hard to do and filing miserably to express exactly what I mean, ask for and feel as well as the wonder of God’s Power and never ending love. Like you, may HIS will be done but by God please be easy and painless for my big sister. Amen indeed. Hang in my love and call me if you need anything at all……..Love you always!


  3. I appreciate your honesty! My daughter has been living with a life robbing disease since birth. As her mom, it’s a painful challenge to hold her loosely. Your prayer is encouraging to me. Thank you for sharing pieces of yourself!


    1. when you said…”Hold her Loosely” – I don’t know if this is related to her condition or a philosophical thought, but it is beautiful. Difficult…and beautiful. I have seven kids of my own…and my thoughts and prayers are with you.


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