How Hot Are You?

The summer is panning out to be quite the scorcher here in Canada.  Apparently South Carolina is getting a cold deluge and we here in Quebec are in full-on drought.  It’s nasty; my horses are getting grouchy and so is everyone around. We had about a minute and a half of rain early this morning, and late last night, which did absolutely nothing but tease my poor garden into hopeless wilting. It’s time to turn down the heat.

Tempers tend to run high in the heat. We’re not used to it. I doubt people in africa get grouchy every day the temperature goes above 100, because they would have mostly bad days. But for us, it takes some physical adjusting time, which we don’t really get, in the north.  I had a friend who studies Ayurveda Yoga and Healing, recommended that when our heat (pitta) gets high, we should make a conscious and intentional physical action to counter the imbalance.  When “pitta” (heat, fire, inner fire) is elevated, by cause of emotion or of exterior heat, one of the things to do, she recommends, is to take yourself into a cool place. Take an action to counter the “heat”.  Even if your “heat” is emotional and not necessarily environmental, taking yourself into a place for a “cooling off” period” is a good idea and can only lend to better results.

The body is a tool in understanding. It helps you understand and manipulate your environment. You can either do that consciously or unconsciously; Pitta is a way to understanding in which direction to take yourself.  Your body is not who you are; it is only a tool for discovering who you are.

Some people have very high inner heat.  My youngest son has always been high pitta in nature.  At 3 he would regularly toss off his coat to wrestle with his older brother in the snow in january of february in minus 15 degrees.  I would panic and urge him to put on his coat, but really, what he was doing was instinctively lowering his “pitta”.  I was just interfering.

My 15-year-old daughter has high inner emotional heat right now at this time.  I know around her I have to be “cool” like water because if my heat comes out at the same time as hers, I am pretty sure there will be a formidable explosion.  Having conversations with her always work out better in a cooler room, and place of deliberate cooling.  Having a cold drink together and not allowing “heated” arguments, in the actual environmental heat, can keep the energy of the exchange more level.

Some people’s inner heat is manifested in other ways, like creative fire, or passion about something in their lives.  This passionate approach fuels and moves forward the life of a person. Pitta is essential to progress.  But, it must be managed, because excessive pitta can imbalance all of your energetic centers: your chakras – which leads to addiction, avoidance, depression and all sorts of control issues which are neither healthy or fun.

I don’t know much about this topic yet, and am only learning, but I find it is interesting to apply to it.

Today I will take an “inner” day. This is time I put aside specifically to try to sit quietly and read myself from the inside and refuel my spiritual energy. My back went out with a harsh crack this morning, and I know that it’s my body’s way of telling me that it’s time to take the actions I need to reconnect to Source.  It is important to take these reconnection days for everyone. They ground and center you, and I guarantee you will be more productive in everything you do, if you can set aside the time to sit quietly and check your inner temperature.



One thought on “How Hot Are You?

  1. Wow! Just great! Thank you so much for that wonderful advice! Yes, I will try to remain aware of my bodys’ rise in heat. You are good! 🙂


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